The Alt-Right in Ireland believes the questions of Nationality can and must be addressed through amicable and peaceful methods and that the specter of provocative Communism, colour revolution and enforced diversity as a means to re-unify Ireland will cut off the nose to spite the face.

There are positive ways around all the problems that we face, its just that we have an establishment keen to extend it’s own power and a superstate over the water keen to control our lives.

We live by the ethos of “Nationalism for everyone” and that in Ireland/Northern Ireland means respect. There isn’t any over arching difference between Northern Ireland and any other mixed nationality border areas. The borderlands of Scotland and England or Alsace and Lorraine are two examples.

Those areas have maintained respect and decency so there is no reason we can’t.

More generally we operate in a global economy and have to address the modern world as does anyone else.

Richard Spencer talks more generally about the Alt-Right.