New Irish “want to be involved in politics”

Something we brought up recently was about these far left individuals from abroad Sinn Fein literally bus into the country and get citizenship. They are then involved in supporting the Sinn Fein’s left wing politics with hoaxes and equality nonsense.

In this interview you see the MSM prompting him to complain about white racism.

The ‘raincoat racist’ thing is no doubt similar.


Gerrymandering to improve the Sinn Fein vote

In the June 16th edition of the left wing publication ‘the Belfast Telegraph’ it was announced that there may be boundary changes that would bring Sinn Fein three more MPs.

The gay/equality agenda and leaving the EU had been expected to bring in a larger Sinn Fein vote. It has but obviously not fast enough. There are plenty of dualgenders and andro-goons running about though not all of them vote or much less vote Sinn Fein.

Looks like Common Purpose and the other pro EU actors are moving the goalposts again to speed the thing up.


I remember being taught, even in majority protestant schools that ‘gerrymandering’ was a terrible conspiracy to deny Catholics of a vote. It must however be just fine the other way around.

Labour, aside from just bringing in millions and millions of foreigners to use as a voting block also engaged in similar activities up to 2005.

From Littlejohn.

“Labour tried every conceivable variation of voting methods – AV, single transferable votes, party lists – to rig the results of elections to the devolved parliaments and mayoral races in its favour. After losing the general election, Gordon Brown even promised the Lib Dems he would introduce AV for Westminister elections without a referendum in a cynical attempt to stay in power.

For years, Labour ruthlessly lobbied the Electoral Commission to protect its rotten boroughs in the inner cities. By the time of the last election, British democracy was so far out of kilter that Cameron needed to win two million more votes than Labour simply to draw level in terms of seats.”

Now it is important to remember that Common Purpose IS Labour. It really is the same thing. The same people run it.

Both Labour, Common Purpose, the Unions etc etc all want the same thing. That is a United Ireland swamped with foreigners inside the EU.

From the BelTel:

Sinn Fein is set to become the largest Northern Ireland party at Westminster under proposed boundary changes, according to the UK’s leading election prediction website.

The political landscape would be dramatically altered from last week’s outcome, with the DUP losing three seats and Sinn Fein gaining two.

The redrawing of the electoral map would leave republicans with nine MPs to the DUP’s seven, Electoral Calculus has predicted. Any boundary changes must be approved by a vote in Parliament.

Given the drastic consequences for her party, Arlene Foster may prioritise the issue in her discussions with Prime Minister Theresa May over support for the minority Tory government.

The predictions are based on the results from last week’s Westminster poll, the 2014 local government election results, and the most recent census data. That information is applied to the new constituencies proposed in the Boundary Commission’s blueprint.

Those proposals, if approved, will come into effect next year. The number of seats in Northern Ireland will fall from 18 to 17 as part of a UK-wide shake-up to reduce House of Commons numbers from 650 to 600.

Belfast will lose an MP, with only East Belfast remaining largely intact. The three North, South and West Belfast constituencies will be redrawn to form two new electoral areas – Belfast North West and Belfast South West. Outside the city, eight constituencies will continue with minimal changes. But the names of five others disappear – Lagan Valley, North Antrim, West Tyrone, Mid Ulster and East Londonderry.

Six new constituencies will be created – Dalriada, Glenshane, Tyrone North, Antrim West, Down West, and Upper Bann and Blackwater.

If last week’s voting patterns are repeated, Sinn Fein would win two of Belfast’s three seats, according to Electoral Calculus.

Belfast East, which it is proposed will expand to include a third of the current South Belfast constituency, will remain safely DUP, with the party winning a 48% vote to Alliance’s 28%.

But in the new Belfast North West, which would combine around three-quarters of North Belfast and a third of West Belfast, Sinn Fein is forecast to win 45% of the vote to the DUP’s 39%.

Belfast South West would also go to Sinn Fein with Paul Maskey securing 49% of the vote to the DUP’s Emma Little Pengelly’s 16%.

Sinn Fein would also win the new constituencies of Upper Bann and Blackwater and Glenshane.

In the former – which will amalgamate half the existing Upper Bann with parts of Fermanagh and South Tyrone, Mid Ulster and Newry and Armagh – Sinn Fein would secure 39% of the vote to the DUP’s 29% if last week’s patterns were repeated.

In Glenshane, which will join half of Mid Ulster with half of East Londonderry, a Sinn Fein MP would be elected on a 43% vote to the DUP’s 37%. In the redrawn Fermanagh and South Tyrone, Sinn Fein’s Michelle Gildernew would widen her majority over the UUP’s Tom Elliott, winning by 49% to the UUP man’s 36%.

Sinn Fein would easily win (52%) in the new Tyrone North constituency, and the DUP would hold Antrim East, Antrim South and the new Antrim West constituency.

Ian Paisley should win the new constituency of Dalriada, which combines around half of North Antrim with half of East Londonderry.

North Down would be held narrowly by Independent Lady Sylvia Hermon, with the website putting her on 45% to Alex Easton of the DUP’s 44% if last week’s patterns were repeated.

The new Down West constituency, which amalgamates around half of Lagan Valley with a third of Upper Bann and some of South Belfast, would be a safe DUP seat (51%).

Sinn Fein’s Chris Hazzard would remain South Down MP and the DUP’s Jim Shannon would safely hold Strangford. Sinn Fein’s Mickey Brady would comfortably win Newry and Armagh, and party colleague Elisha McCallion would hold Foyle.

The Boundary Commission changes are to equalise the number of voters in each constituency, ensuring they have between 71,000 and 78,500 electors.

The Commission doesn’t take political considerations into account.

The proposals were published last year with a lengthy consultation period and public hearings. Final recommendations will be made to Secretary of State James Brokenshire next year.


Australian gun grab to ‘stop jihadism’

The main problem in Australia seems to be Lebanese and other ‘refugees’ invading homes and torturing/killing the occupants. Normally guns are not even used in these attacks, just large numbers of refugees with knives etc.

This gun grab will just leave whitie unable to protect himself. That’s the idea though. The government obviously want these home invasions, they ensure all the conditions for them thrive.


Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is quite an interesting character. She is quite an open person who freely gives her time to ordinary journalists and who contributed work to many blogs in the more early days of our movement. Her only friends now are us. Supposed racists.

She has been attacked by everyone, the left, Muslims, the EU.

The left have many women who they hold us as being ‘black feminists.’

Hirsi Ali is a real black feminist, the real and original.




Southern Poverty Law Center influenced Gunman attacks GOP lawmaker

A gunman who is thought to be part of the SPLC nexus has attacked a GOP lawmaker in the USA.

From Vanishing America:

‘The left is pretty predictable in their habit of calling for gun control whenever any kind of mass shooting happens, and oddly (one might think) even when the shooter is one of their own, one of their fellow fanatic ideologues, like the latest perpetrator.

Actually many if not most of these kinds of shootings are done by lefties, though maybe the mainstream GOP types make too much of the political affiliations of the perps in cases like this. For example, they will gleefully mention that some deranged shooter or assailant was a ‘registered Democrat’ when the important fact that they shy away from mentioning is usually race. If the perpetrator is black, the cucked GOP types will mention his party affiliation long before dreaming of mentioning race or religion (if said perp happens to be, oh, say, Jewish. Some things cannot be mentioned. For instance, the Columbine shootings?)

But in this case, the shooter, in Alexandria, VA, was very much a Democrat and his motivations were political; his intended targets were Republicans or Trump supporters in particular it seems.

Now we’re reading of how the shameless, callous left has been celebrating the shootings on Twitter and other social media. I can’t say I’m surprised; they are without shame or scruple, and it still astounds me how they are able to pull their double standard routine time after time. They have the unmitigated gall to pretend to be compassionate, sensitive ‘pacifists’ and Gandhi-devotees (BTW Gandhi was not as pacifistic as he pretended to be; he just got others to gin up conflicts for him) who shrink from violence. Part of this shameless play-acting of theirs is to pretend to be mortified at the mere thought of firearms, while when one of their own wields a gun, especially in an act of attempted assassination, they cheer it on, and make heartless, cynical statements disparaging the victim(s), especially if said victims are White.

It’s all who is doing what to whom. They heartily approve of violence provided it’s done against White, right-wing males, or even semi-right-wing Whites.

How does one shame people for whom shame is a foreign emotion? How can one stir guilt or conscience in ‘people’ without any sense of guilt, and lacking even the semblance of a conscience?

The left, almost to a man (or woman, or whatever other gender they believe themselves to be) are the clinical definition of psychopaths or sociopaths. I often scoff at psychology/psychiatry as pseudo-science, but if such things as psychopaths and sociopaths exist, the left fits the definition. (Incidentally, it’s sort of delicious for me to be able to cite HuffPost for the definition of those terms; if anybody knows what those terms mean, it’s that crowd.)

  • Prone to nervousness, distress and temper meltdowns, not easily calm and suave like the psychopath

  • Usually not well-educated, often non-gainfully employed, the drifter type, the one whom everyone sees as “troubled” or “disturbed.”

  • Their crimes typically are sloppy rather than meticulously premeditated and planned.

  • Capable of emotional bonds with others, but this is difficult to achieve.

  • Despite the capability of emotional attachments, they disregard social mores as a whole.

Notice they cite Ted Bundy as an example of a psychopath. I will say Ted was just evil and twisted, and leave the faux science to the lefties. I am sure they picked Bundy because he was, firstly, White, second, male, and third, supposedly an active member of the Republican party. Why not cite Coral Eugene Watts or Charles Ng?

The left, in typical not-taking-responsibility fashion, will not own its terrorists or psycho-killers, and when forced to acknowledge them, fall back on victimology excuse-making and rationalizing: ‘victim of racism’ or ‘childhood abuse and poverty’, or in this case, driven to it by Donald Trump, I suppose.

But maybe the left’s constant calls for gun control might be muted if they admitted to themselves that they enjoy seeing their fellow lefty-fanatics blasting away at Evil Whitey Republicans. When guns are outlawed, only right-wing gun-nuts will have guns. No, wait, the lefties represent the lawless, criminal side of society, the side their “hearts” always bleed for, and their kind can always obtain weapons, laws or no laws.’


Loyalists panic as virtual machinegun technology introduced

Brian McLean and other loyalists are said to inconsolable as their skill of imagining a machine gun and then being convicted of having a non-existent machine gun might be duplicated and made available to the general public using advanced technology.


Was it really a mask that Brian had on that fateful day in 2012 or was he up ahead of the loop?

The basis of Brian’s case was that the sound of the imaginary gunfire along with his acting out of the operation of the non existent machine gun had incited others to riot.

There are some problems with the PPS case, one that there was already a riot, therefor Brian’s imaginary machine gun, no matter how ferocious couldn’t have originally incited the riot.

The other problem is that the imaginary machine gun rule is now written into common law, in the presence of an imaginary machine gun, theoretically people should be incited to riot. So that basically means this virtual technology should be outlawed as it would inevitably lead to mass riots.

Equally people could use the presence of this technology to mitigate blame for unrelated disorder.

Then in the case the Police said he had a ‘dummy’ machine gun. As I’m sure you know an imaginary and a dummy machine gun are two different things.

The story:

A dummy machine gun is a physical item. An imaginary machine gun is not. I’m surprised Brian was convicted even though by definition he didn’t have a machine gun.

I think it says a lot both about his lawyer and the ‘Public Prosecution Service’ that seems to have been co-opted by Common Purpose and it’s allies.

If you want to be nit picky about it, the Police perjured saying he had a dummy machine gun.

That doesn’t matter though in a rigged system anything goes.