Sell-out Sellar: Profile of a ‘reformer’

We have brought you some great stories in the past most notably about Anglicans who are selling us out to fake refugees.


Now here is one from Ireland the now ex-moderator of the Presbyterian Church Frank Sellar. Sellar is a Scots name and literally means ‘seller’ I.E. merchant. This guys ancestors would have gone about selling trinkets and bottles of elixir and stuff and it shows.

Sell out Sellar was voted out of the Moderatorship in February thankfully but while he was in office he did these things.

  • Came out against people drawing pictures of Mohammod saying it should cause people problems to do so.
  • Promoted gay ministers and women ministers. If any of you know about gossipy church women you know they shouldn’t be ministers, nor should gays for the same reason.
  • He said that bonfires were sinful and that they carried ‘the sins of the fathers.’
  • Went to personally thank the Irish Navy for ferrying 15,000 plus fake refugees from Africa to Italy.
  • Gave £650,000 (in one charity drive) of the Churches money to help poor refugees. £650,000 of money this country needs for it’s own people, not to fund unlimited numbers of Africans or whatever to come here.

So in analysis the guy went to Queens, so he is heavily soaked in all this Marxist stuff.

Relativism, pathological altruism etc are central in his psyche. Another problem with a lot of these people is that they know they can get ahead in the media and with the money men in Belfast by conceding reforms and being the ‘first’ Minister to come out in favour of whatever the next big degenerate step is to be.

It is incredible that the Presbyterian Church that fought for so long to exist is rolling over so easily to the forces of regression.

Upholding everything that is unhealthy.

I found the term ‘sins of the fathers’ as aimed at bonfire participants to be very abrasive. In fact it made me feel a bit sick. As Dr Sellar should aspire to lead those people. He should aspire to lead people who go to bonfires and perhaps help them make the bonfires more Godly or whatever.

However he didn’t, he fucked off with his £650,000. The idea of the bonfire people being sinful in his eyes is nothing more than Pharisaical. It does however reflect 100% the beliefs of the cabal of mostly foreign, alien elites at Queens University. These elites are the Babylon.

They have been in Power since after the war. Remember it was the Labour Party that built the conditions for the troubles. Then to turn around and blame a community that essentially never has, nor has had control over any of it’s conditions. The elites are soley to blame for the troubles.

Men like Dr Sellar will be to blame when the first Islamic bomb hits Belfast.








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