Dagmar Schiek: EU ‘equality’ Czar

Dagmar Schiek, a Merkel babe from Deutschland is one the The Senator George J Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice  people at Queens University.


So she is basically funded by the EU and some democratic party fund in the US to put forward the argument for Globalism and social control. Leaving the EU is great but will it get these quibblers out of our country?

She has published a book on ‘the economic area option’ along with some other Queen’s Professor activists.

One of the most stand out suggestions she makes is “blending individuals and groups from different states and REGIONS into a multilevel European society.”

REGIONS means Muslims and African refugees.

This is cultural Marxism hiding behind plain language.

Below, Belgiums multilevel (Islamified) system. They even use the word commune.

eu ml

She is also a big fan of Ernst Deutch’s transnationalism and mentions wanting to apply this to Northern Ireland in her book.

Another aspect that she mentions in her book and that we are seeing clearly in Northern Ireland is Multilevel Governance. This is essentially compartmentalization. Common Purpose and it’s activities here are the perfect example of this.

The idea of this is to have people at different levels of government, the higher up you go, the more access you will have to information. This could be information like how many White Protestant males are employed, how much they are earning etc.

This is why they often have brainwashed East German socialists, Muslims, Jews etc in the higher up positions. They can’t count on us to destroy our own society. They use people who have a stake in our downfall.

This is who Judena Leslie get’s her orders from essentially.

This is authoritarianism, its like squeezing a snail with a cotton glove on, some day the shell will crack. In Northern Ireland the shell is bulging. In parts of England it is cracked.






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