‘Kill the Jews’ egg thrower working for the NHS

Anyone who knows the NHS knows it is controlled by and large by Muslims now. The Elites do that because they know patriotic Christians wouldn’t do the abortions or sit on the death panels.


Mohammad Khalifa was part of a gang who raced about in a car shouting “Kill the Jews” and throwing eggs at Jews. This is an actual assault and threats to kill. In the article below you can see his father defending his actions. If you look at his fathers Facebook you can see the guy is a hopping mad Islamist. As is the son.



He went to University College London, that took no action against him for the attack. He was allowed to finish his degree and no doubt one of daddies Muslim doctor friends got him a job at the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.




He is still interacting with Muslim Brotherhood people.


Mohamed’s brothers, Khorshid’s sons have this on their Facebook. If you know what it is please comment. It certainly looks ISISesque.


They are also raising money, apparently for a Mosque in Uganda. If that was the case though why don’t they just use the normal charity routes?


We checked back with him in 2017, SHAHID SHAHID is the cry.

He is also griping about the Grenfell tower and the social murders.




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