Bangor fake liberals

Bangor fake liberals are essentially middle class people who understand the post 1998 social allocation system. This is why you see so many Bangor fake liberals in the media.



Bangor fake liberals Know that ‘Prods’ are allocated so many jobs in the modern ‘post colonial.’ Northern Ireland. They are not confined to Bangor but reside there about.

They are happy for mass immigration because they know they are the manager class.

They know that white working class people from say…..the Shankill are lumped in with them. They know they have the system in place to discredit those people and take their allocation.

They are settled, they are the real settlers.

The Scots Irish, who usually shared the working class allocation with the Catholics have always been left to the shit heap.

The Bangor fake liberal allocation was obtained by a lot of these families by converting to the Church of Ireland. The official Church.

The Bangor fake liberals are Anglican sell outs. They are still pimping their faith. Then it was the divinity of the Monarch now it is the divinity of anal sex and Paki-stani occupation.

These people need their own allocation and category. They have a totally different dynamic. It would be better to not have any positive discrimination at all.

Dr Frank Sellars and his cucky mate Alan Meban are great examples of this. They even talk about the bonfires carrying the ‘sins of the fathers.’

These guys are official Presbyterians, but this seems to be the new way to sell out. These people are pretending to be Protestant community leaders. They are not at all.

These ‘Protestants’ are selling the carpet out from under us. Very quietly and eloquently.



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