Putting Irish flags on bonfires

We are getting a lot of stick and probably rightly for the Irish flags on the bonfires. What I would say to this is that because of media pressures and the crushing defamation surrounding bonfires they are only people who are willing to run the gauntlet of the persecution from the Police, Common Purpose, the media etc are the kind of folk who happily put the Irish flags on the bonfires.

A bonfire pyre with the words BREXIT IRA SCUM is seen in Tiger's Bay ahead of the Twelfth of July celebrations held by members of the Orange Order in Belfast

A lot of the same people have Irish Catholics girlfriends and stuff, this is really just real life shit posting.

A lot of loyalists don’t know the wider system they are up against and see Sinn Fein/IRA as the only player on the board.

Fundamentally anything provocative on the bonfires are there for the press, as no Catholics would be in view of a bonfire, except in very rare cases.

If the bonfires were not under such discrepancy and were the family and community events that they used to be there would not be a need for the exasperation.

Republicans have felt the same pressures when they tried to have little Easter Rising memorials, the people involved were hunted and the memorials demolished. Then more extreme parties got involved and the issue was exasperated. More extreme memorials and murals were erected.

In Carnlough the Republicans tried to ‘erect’ a very modest Easter rising memorial and this was little more than the size of a breeze block, it wash dashed up by councilmen.

Yet we have Germans with their Iron cross headstones from much more recently in our graveyards. We have to have parity and respect and I think without the journeymen journalists and courtiers resident in Belfast we would have it and more.

The Belfast Telegraph is an organisation run by Common Purpose that want’s it’s New World Order culture, it’s worship of everything corporate and global to be the only culture. The Media and Common Purpose are Cultural terrorists, working for financial terrorists.



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