Belfast Telegraph Journalist poses as a litter lady to spy on bonfires

This year has seen unparalleled hand ringing and kvetching from all the arms of the Common Purpose/Sinn Fein deep state.

Terrible concern and red wrung hands.

The public has been bombarded with hundreds of articles. There have been more than a few set-ups, loads of omission pieces and heavily spun garbage. In one instance the council essentially stole hundreds of pallets from one bonfire site and then sent the BBC in to report on the aftermath.

By the next twelfth there will be a strong alternative media set up to counter these Common Purpose kvetchers.

In and around the 18th of June 2017 the big lefty Juggernaut spluttered into action.

The graph below shows the publication of articles with the keywords bonfire.

bonfire trends

On the 11th of June the term ‘bonfire racist’ hit over 100 where this feature stops counting. This is a term that Common Purpose have put into hundreds of articles. With the intention of getting people to associate the term ‘racist’ with bonfires.

This is basically Belfast’s new affirmative action aristocrats looking for some shit on their most vicious enemy….working class Protestants.

bonfire racist

We searched the term Racist Bonfires and saw the usual suspects involved. These are the main culprits.

  • The Irish News
  • The BBC
  • The Guardian
  • The Belfast Telegraph

I thought this one was good from last year to give you and idea. The title is misleading, the cat was climbing on the bonfire when it was being lit and apparently got the whiskers singed before the organisers could get to it.

Linda Stewart who is an independent journalist who gathers material working with mainly Protestant working class probationers and youths on Protestant estates  whisked the cat away to a vet [needs citation], rubbed some cream on it, so it looks very sick and run this hit piece that makes it look as though ‘thugs’ running a bonfire had ‘torched’ a cat.

If you look at the whiskers they are all cut to the same length and there is a shallow V curve. Looks like Linda has cut the whiskers herself, put the cream on herself. That is probably her with the cat in her kitchen.

That is probably her cat, not even the bonfire cat. Reports from the scene suggested the cat ran off into the dark. It being a black cat, who knows what cat it is.

Total lies.

We need to be googling these community workers, if your on an estate and a new community worker comes from the big smoke, google them along with search terms like ‘racist’ and if something comes up they are probably not on your team.

Anyway……we always unmask these crafty journos and show them up for what they are at.


The lady behind this article, Linda Stewart is a die hard anti-Trump twitter troll and ‘litter nut.’

Google her and there are literally hundred of photos of her out picking litter and milling around the ashes of bonfires.

litter nut

The two main stories

The old ‘Kids play equipment’ chestnut:

The cat thrown into the fire:

She is also believed to behind a number of bonfire hoaxes, including:

  • The attribution to Loyalists of a bonfire death in Merseyside
  • That loyalists destroyed a cancer patients roses with soot from a Bonfire in County Armagh

This is the tip of the iceberg, we will be doing more work on this.






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