Surfing Grainne’s comment section exposes Sectarian undercurrent

Surfing comment sections is always interesting. It can also expose some interesting attitudes. Grainne hasn’t rang the Police on the obvious hate crime “PROD bitchh” one.

Bare in mind these are all her ‘friends.’

Lydia Quinn said “A bit of a dim one her Kevin, would love to see you run into her.”

So we have a sort of violent suggestion/threat.

dim one

Mary Josephine Doherty said “Says it all im a PROD bitchh.” Something I guess that is buoying is that the comment below has 19 likes, so there must be a general distaste for sectarian comments.

prod bitch

Helen Scanion Da Costa said “Uneducated twit,get a job u layabout!!!”


“uppa Waaa’s sister !!!!” We all know what this means. Cute.


Kurt Williams endorses this one.


Yeah so Grainne is a kind of selective journalist and law abider.


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