Homeless racist hoax background story

The touted ‘raincoat racist’ homeless BBC hoax came off the back of the 6th homeless person dying in Belfast.


Homelessness is a complicated issue, some people are on drugs and are anti-social and so forth. But some of the cases, like that of Catherine Kenny, the Council just won’t house them, for whatever reason. Maybe they have missed some interview with some self important fat bitch fake communist or whatever.

Below:  Catherine Kenny, refused housing, died in a doorway.


I think men are usually more compassionate, in these cases, but some of these women at the housing executive enjoy this sort of thing. You can see that in dealings with any public servant there is always a sense of graspy power.

That is especially true in Universities.

Something we keep pointing out again and again is how many people died homeless in Carrick last year? With Belfast being full of these lefty twats who are payed to be nice. Weird.

It would be nice to apply some of the psycho-analysis to them that they apply to us.

Anyway, there has been a great deal of tolerance of heroin in Belfast too, there aren’t enough Police to deal with it and that has led to a toxic tolerance that will continue until people don’t put up with it anymore.

Usually the dissident Republicans like the late Alan Ryan are the only people willing to stand up to the drugs gangs.  This gains them fear and respect.

Regardless of all this, we have a great many refugees, most of them fake, and like the ones in the ‘raincoat racist’ video many of them have IPhone 6 and outside incomes etc.

I was speaking to a guy who has a big compound in Iraq and is just here to fit the compound out and will go home once the money is there.

That is not to say that there are some real refugees. Who do need our care, respect etc.

What is not fucking on though is the BBC targeting homeless people in racism stings to further it’s left Refugees Welcome agenda. Genuine Refugees welcome yes, the whole third world no.







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