BBC Racism hoax in Belfast exposed

A homeless woman in Belfast has been set up in a sting by a cabal of lefty journalists and refugees. So basically picture the scene, there are three refugee girls sitting on a bench. A BBC journalist called Grainne McKinney who we know has links to the far left is off camera to the left.

We believe she says something to the woman, the whole scene is a fix.


Ok so this happens, it’s unclear how its started but the camera is pointing one way. Grainne is off camera, she is person 5, as she admits in this article where she actually interviews herself.

This is the quality of the Independent now, self interviews.

Anyway……. Grainne shares the video and because of the content and the woman admitting she is a prod, the big green twitter machine gets going.

We did an article on Grainne’s left wing links before we were alerted to the links to Reem.

OUTRAGE…..The Police arrested the ‘raincoat racist’ but didn’t release any details on the case. Charges could follow, more equality laws needed.

Ah but it turns out one of the girls is the sister of make-up artist, actress and Race campaigner Reem Hasaballah who happens to be mates with Grainne.


One of the refugees who filmed the outburst is sister of Belfast actress and NICRAS racism activist Reem Hasaballah.


Reem with everyone’s favorite Alliance ex-MP.


As early as 2010 Reem was getting BBC interviews over racism. Since the publication of a related article the BBC has pulled the video.

a screenshot.



Both Reem and Grainne are big into the lefty media scene in Belfast, although Reem is currenty on the Mainland.

We will be following the story, specially if there are charges lodged against the ‘raincoat racist.’ This is nothing short of a conspiracy. There was a case not long ago where a woman was convicted for just saying something along the lines of “if they want to kill us why don’t we kill them.” and that she would “just Gas ISIS”  She was convicted.

It is dressed up in the article but they are lying and obfuscating.


All these women involved are very average, crap to need racism hoaxes etc to get famous.



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