The Alliance Party: Reducing Protestant Influence, smashing Protestant families

Bob Cooper a native of Co Donegal, Alliance Party co-leader and what could be fairly described as a green Protestant, sought and acquired a number of principles to be in place to reduce Protestant influence in the economy.

This article is not about discussing the merits of if everything was fair or not, but the measures that Bob introduced target ONLY working class Protestants. They also provide the basis for what we are seeing now, the fall of the white Catholic man as well.

Inequality and who is oppressing who depends where in Northern Ireland you are. The border Counties are known to be very unpleasant for Protestants with companies not only not employing Protestants but openly boycotting Protestant business altogether.

The genocide of border farmers too, unaddressed in any of this communist legislation.


Bob supported the US boycott on Protestant individuals and businesses and added his own principles during the Blair era. Bob left conventional politics to join the Common Purpose brigade. He was the head of the Fair employment agency  in the Blair era and got the ball rolling on what has become a super decline in White Protestant Men in employment and University.

The main idea behind the equality agenda is that on an Island with 6.5 million Roman Catholics and 500,000 Protestants. Northern Ireland must have 50% of the workforce Catholic and the other 50% is to be other. So with immigration sky high. This can only lead to terminal decline and genocide.

It has been known for a long time that Protestant women increasingly choose to marry outside the faith.  If a Pakistani or an African immigrant is not on the boycott list, the lady will more than likely just choose the guy who isn’t on the USA $20,000 boycott.

Who wants to marry a struggling Protestant white guy who has a US imposed pay cap of £14,000 a year?

The old dead cunt Bob knew that at the time and knew what he was at.

I don’t know if the UUP and DUP knew what would come of all this ‘equality’ stuff. I can only assume that they did. I have seen some of the documents they prepared to argue against all the BDS sanctions etc and the campaign was half arsed at best. deliberately set up to fail.

As we pointed out as well there were DUP councillors who sold out to Common Purpose. I wouldn’t be surprised if their name is on some of these sell out, sure death equality laws.

We need to set up something to roll back these equality laws.

Even Common Purpose being here is the DUP selling out.

We need to get defensive here. We are being bled to death.







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