The USA is applying boycotts, divestments and sanctions to Protestants in Northern Ireland

President Clinton brought in a law in 1998 that essentially sanctions Protestant individuals and companies in Northern Ireland, both enacting a boycott and ensuring that we won’t be given investment.

Americans say they will apply all kinds of measures on Ulster Protestants to ‘right wrongs’ in ‘fairness.’ So these sanctions will mean Protestants will get way less than 50% of investment, job opportunities or business.

We certainly haven’t been told about this.


Some of the companies applying boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Protestants are  McDonalds and Xerox. They started their sanctions in 1994 and 1996.

McDonald’s famously won’t invest in Protestant franchisees.

There is a list below, the list is not up to date, we will be publishing a full list of companies that are hostile to Protestants after research. I would advise people not to use hostile products where possible.

Most Protestants think that the USA has a great relationship with them and has been lied to and frankly betrayed.

Catholics who believe in equality and Freedom etc are welcome to join this campaign.

Affirmative action is just terrible. Imagine getting an affirmative action boss and losing a contract or something because the person is an idiot. Terrible.


The MacBride principles were literally written by IRA Man, founder of amnesty and OECD big wig Sean MacBride. They are another of the very many layers of affirmative action that blight our economy.

These measures are directed against Protestants. They are aimed at preventing growth and are similar or exactly the same as the BDS used against the South African Apartheid regime. You have seen what has ultimately become of white South Africans at the hands of this left boycott mob.

I am for equal employment and for making sure that there isn’t discrimination but just simply cutting the Prods out isn’t the answer.

90% of the time the best man for the job gets it. With this affirmative action this figure will drop wildly.

This will likely be the focus of our next campaign.

One of the big organisations behind this is the globalist Ford foundation.

So many of my Protestant friends are out of work despite having loads of qualifications. It’s sickening when you actually find out these Corporations are taking direction from the IRA on whom to employ.

If this wasn’t enough Blair brought in the Equality Commission who also target Protestants for elimination and feature such establishments as Belfast Islamic Centre and the IRA/globalist front Amnesty International.


The MacBride Principles – The Essence

Posted By: March 28, 2013

By Father Sean McManus

President, Irish National Caucus

Updated February 2001

There are 69 United States companies (with over 9 employees) doing business in Northern Ireland and many of them — because of the systematic practice and endemic nature of anti-Catholic discrimination — had been subsidizing discrimination. (However, since the MacBride Campaign began, 58 companies have agreed to “make all lawful efforts to implement the fair employment practices embodied in the MacBride Principles” in their Northern Ireland operations).

Systematic Discrimination

Since the British government undemocratically and violently created the State of Northern Ireland in 1920, Catholics have been discriminated against in almost every way, particularly in employment. All their many protests failed because the effectiveness of protests depended on the good faith of previous British governments. That good faith was not there (I make an exception for the current British Government, led by Prime Minister Tony Blair).
What was needed, therefore, was a campaign that did not depend on the good faith of the British government, but on the fairness of the American people and the leverage of their investment and purchasing dollars… Hence, the MacBride Principles. The Principles were initiated, proposed and launched by the Irish National Caucus in November 1984.

The MacBride Principles

The MacBride Principles — consisting of nine fair employment principles — are a corporate code of conduct for U.S. Companies doing business in Northern Ireland and have become the Congressional standard for all U.S. aid to, or economic dealings with, Northern Ireland. The Principles do not call for quotas, reverse discrimination, divestment (the withdrawal of U.S. Companies from Northern Ireland) or disinvestment (the withdrawal of funds now invested in firms with operations in Northern Ireland). The Caucus positively encourages non-discriminatory U.S. investment in Northern Ireland.
The MacBride Campaign is conducted on a three-fold level:

(1) Federal- The MacBride Principles became the law of the U.S. in October 1998. The U.S. House and Senate passed the MacBride Principles — as part of the Omnibus Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 1999 — and President Clinton signed them into law. The MacBride law mandates that recipients of U.S. contributions to the International Fund for Ireland (IFI) must be in compliance with the MacBride Principles. (The U.S. has been contributing about $19.6 million per year since 1986 to the IFI.)

(2) State and Cities- Millions of dollars in State and City pension and retirement funds are invested in American corporations doing business in Northern Ireland. The MacBride Campaign lobbies to have legislation passed to direct these funds to be invested, in the future, only in companies that endorse the Principles (again, note, not divestment or disinvestments). This is the first step. The second step — once the MacBride Principles investment law has been passed — is to get a contract compliance law passed.

(3) Shareholder Resolutions- The Campaign works to have Shareholders pass resolutions endorsing the Principles.

 Impressive Support for Campaign

The MacBride Principles have been passed in the following 18 States:

Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont and California .

The Principles have been passed or endorsed by over 40 Cities, and are pending in many more.

The Principles have been endorsed by the following organizations or individuals: the Irish Government:

  • The Reverend Jesse Jackson; Randall Robinson of Trans Africa — the group that sponsored Nelson Mandela’s visit to the United States

  • New York State Governor George Pataki

  • Former New York State Governor Mario Cuomo

  • New York City Mayor Rudolth Giuliani

  • Former New York City Mayor David Dinkins

  • Former Boston Mayor Raymond Flynn (and former Ambassador to the Vatican)

  • The AFL-CIO; the National Council of Churches

  • The American Baptist Convention

  • The Episcopal Church

  • The Lutheran Pension Board

  • The United Church of Christ Board of World Ministries

  • The United Methodist Church

  • Many U.S. Catholic bishops

  • And by virtually all Irish-American organizations.

The MacBride Principles have been the most effective American campaign on Ireland since Partition. It has provided Irish-Americans with a direct, meaningful and non-violent means of addressing discrimination in Northern Ireland. No longer does one hear the British Government or others telling Irish-Americans to “mind their own business.” It is our business to mind what our investment dollars and foreign aid are doing in Northern Ireland.
The MacBride Principles are non-violent, morally correct, politically effective and our duty as responsible investors.

The author is President of the Irish National Caucus (INC). The INC is the Irish Lobby on Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C. It is non-violent and non-sectarian. It has no foreign principal and does not support, morally or financially, any group or party in any part of Ireland. It does not send money to Ireland. All its funds are raised and spent in the United States.

THE MacBride PRINCIPLES – The List
initiated, proposed, and launched by
the Irish National Caucus in November 1984
(Amplifications issued by Sean MacBride in 1986 appear in plain text)

(1)  Increasing the representation of individuals, from underrepresented religious groups in the workforce, including managerial, supervisory, administrative, clerical, and technical jobs.
A workforce that is severely unbalanced may indicate prima facie that full equality of opportunity is not being afforded all segments of the community in Northern Ireland. Each signatory to the MacBride Principles must make every reasonable lawful effort to increase the representation of underrepresented religious groups at all levels of its operations in Northern Ireland.

(2)  Adequate security for the protection of minority employees at the workplace.
While total security can be guaranteed nowhere today in Northern Ireland, each signatory to the MacBride Principles must make reasonable good faith efforts to protect workers against intimidation and physical abuse at the workplace. Signatories must also make reasonable good faith efforts to ensure that applicants are not deterred from seeking employment because of fear for their personal safety at the workplace.

(3)  Banning provocative sectarian or political emblems from the workplace.
Each signatory to the MacBride Principles must make reasonable good faith efforts to prevent the display of provocative sectarian emblems at their plants in Northern Ireland.

(4)  Providing that all job openings be advertised publicly and providing that special recruitment efforts be made to attract applicants from underrepresented religious groups.
Signatories to the MacBride Principles must exert special efforts to attract employment applications from
the sectarian community that is substantially underrepresented in the workforce. This should not be construed to imply a diminution of opportunity for other applicants.

(5) Providing that layoff, recall and termination procedures do not favor a particular religious group,
Each signatory to the MacBride Principles must make reasonable good faith efforts to ensure that layoff, recall and termination procedures do not penalize religious groups disproportionately. Layoff and termination practices that involve seniority solely can result in discrimination against a particular religious group if the bulk of employees with greatest seniority are disproportionately from another religious group.

(6) Abolishing job reservations, apprenticeships restrictions and differential employment criteria which discriminate on the basis of religion,
Signatories to the MacBride Principles must make reasonable good faith efforts to abolish all differential employment criteria whose effect is discrimination on the basis of religion. For example, job reservations and apprenticeship regulations that favor relatives of current of former employees can, in practice, promote religious discrimination if the company’s workforce has historically been disproportionately drawn from another religious group.

(7) Providing for the development of training programs that will prepare substantial numbers of minority employees for skilled jobs, including the expansion of existing programs and the creation of new programs to train, upgrade and improve the skills of minority employees,
This does not imply that such programs should not be open to all members of the workforce equally.

(8) Establishing procedures to assess, identify and actively recruit minority employees with the potential for further advancement,
This section does not imply that such procedures should not apply to all employee equally.

(9) Providing for the appointment of a senior management staff member to be responsible for the employment efforts of the entity and, within a reasonable period of time, the implementation of the principles described above.
In addition to the above, each signatory to the MacBride Principles is required to report annually to an independent monitoring agency on its progress in the implementation of these Principles.

 Cities and Counties :

The following Cities and Counties have passed MacBride Principles Legislation:

Albany County*(NY)
Baltimore (MD)
Binghamton (NY)
Boston (MA)
Burlington (UT)
Chicago (IL)
Cleveland* (OH)
Detroit (MI)
Hartford (CT)
Kansas City (MO)
Lackawanna County (PA)
Monroe, Orange City (NY)
Minneapolis (MN)
New Haven (CT)
New York* (NY)
Omaha (NE)
Philadelphia (PA)
Philadelphia (PA)
Rensselaer* (NY)
Rochester* (NY)
San Francisco (CA)
Scranton* (PA)
Saint Louis (MO)
Saint Paul (MN)
Springfield (MA)
Tucson (AZ)
Washington (DC)
Wilmington (DE)

(*Denotes cities that have also passed contract compliance legislation on the MacBride Principles)

The Following Cities and Counties have passed resolutions endorsing the MacBride Principles:

Bucks City (PA)
Bridgeport (CT)
Cambridge (MA)
Carbondale (PA)
Chicago (IL)
Honolulu (HI)
Lawrence (MA)
Nashua (NH)
Orangetown (NY)
Portland (ME)
Providence (RI)
Rockland County (NY)
Union City (NJ)
West Caldwell (NJ)
Westchester County (NY)
Worcester (MA)
Yonkers (NY)


The Irish Government; the British Labor Party
Major sections of the British and Irish trade union movements
Nobel Peace Prize Winner and co-founder of the Peace People,
Mairead Corrigan of Belfast

Religious Leaders, Organizations and Pension Funds:

American Baptist Convention
American Baptist Churches, USA
Archdiocese of Manchester, New Hampshire
Archdiocese of New York
Cardinal O’Connor
Christian Brothers Investment Services
Church Women United
Episcopal Church in America
Florida Catholic Conference
Franciscan Friars
Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility
Leadership Conference of Religious Women (a coalition of 250 Protestant and Catholic denominations)
Lutheran Pension Board
National Council of Churches
Oblate Fathers
Sisters of Charity of New York and New Jersey
Sisters of Dominic of Sensiniwa, WI; Caldwell, NJ; Adrian, MI and Sparkill, NY.
Society of Atonement
Society of Jesus
Unitarian Universalist Association
United Methodist Church
United Church of Christ Board of World Ministries

Recently the Protestant and Catholic Churches in Ireland joined with the
Protestant and Catholic Churches of the United States of America and
Issued a call for Fair Employment and Investment in Northern Ireland.
This is what they said about the MacBride Principles:

“Many Americans support the MacBride Principles, as amplified, as good faith, nonviolent means to promote fair employment. We urge that any support of these amplified principles, which offer positive values and focus on fair employment, be joined with continued support for strong fair employment measures and an active commitment to investment and job creation. The amplified principles, as many of their advocates agree, should not be used to discourage investment or encourage disinvestments.”

In March, 1994, the European Parliament issued a Report on discrimination in Northern Ireland. The Report stated that American pressure was “responsible for reopening the question of discrimination in Northern Ireland. . . .”
This Report also states that “Northern Ireland Catholics see the worldwide
‘MacBride Principles’ campaign as a great source of support in overcoming
their problems and [this Report] endorses the campaign’s moral principles. . . .”

Organized Labor in America:

Irish-American Labor Coalition
National Education Association

Major Non-religious, Private Institutional Shareholders:

Ford Foundation Pension Fund
Radcliffe College Pension Fund
Franklin Research and Development Corporation
Wellesley College Pension Fund
Georgetown University Pension Fund
Wesleyan University Pension Fund
Harvard University Pension Fund

( As of January 2001)

These US Companies have agreed in writing to “make all lawful efforts t o implement the Fair Employment Practices embodied in the MacBride Principles in their Northern Ireland operations (some of these companies no longer operate in Northern Ireland or have been bought by another company).

Overall, there are 120 companies doing business in Northern Ireland. But only 69 publicly-traded companies have more than 10 employees. (It is only publicly-traded companies with over 10 employees that are obliged by British law to keep a statistical breakdown of the workforce by religion.)



AES Corporation


Alexander & Alexander Services


Allstate Corp.


AM International


American Home Products




Avery Dennison


AVX Corporation


Bemis Corporation


Chesapeake Corp




Dana Corporation


Data General


Digital Equipment






Emerson Electric


Estee Lauder


Federal Express


Ford Motor Company


Fort James


Fruit of the Loom


GATX Corporation


General Electric


General Motors




Household International


Hyster (NACCO Industries)




Keyspan Energy


McDonald’s Corporation


Marsh and McClennan


Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing (3M Corp)


Northern Telecom (BCE Corporation)








Phillip Morris


Pitney Bowes


Procter & Gamble


Reynolds Metals


Sara Lee


Shaw Industries




Sun Healthcare






Toys ‘R’ Us


Tyco International




United Technologies




VF Corporation






Waste Management


Westinghouse Electric


Xerox Corporation


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