GCSE students forced to do ‘refugee dramas’

Students at GCSE level and younger are being forced to do pretty heavy refugee based dramas that involve simulated rape scenes as a way for Common Purpose to get the kids to act as Refugees Welcome activists.


As is displayed in the video below pupils are made to feel “a sense of injustice in the role play activity as they were led into a situation where prejudice, inequality, fear and intolerance.”



From the Westmorland Gazette.

“MORE than 100 teachers and pupils from across 14 South Lakeland schools met at The Lakes School for an annual global learning conference.

The aim of the day was to investigate that it would take to become a good global citizen.

Delegates aged between 9-10 took part in a range of practical workshops in subjects such as geography, textiles, drama and science.

In drama pupils were given the opportunity to play asylum seekers fleeing from conflict and persecution in their homeland.

Many of the students felt a sense of injustice in the role play activity as they were led into a situation where prejudice, inequality, fear and intolerance were felt.

By the end of the day the pupils were bursting with ideas and opinions. They shared these in a series of lively presentations that exemplified their passion for being active participants in aspiring to make the world a better place for everyone.

Peter Harrison, head teacher of St Cuthbert’s School in Windermere, said: “Preparing young people for an ever changing world is a crucial element of education. This day has proved how we can all work together to achieve amazing possibilities for our future generations.”


While there is truth to the fact that women are treated badly in refugee camps and are often a minority of 5%. Refugees also treat women badly here. We have to solve the problem in their home countries not simply move the problem to our shores.




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