Common Purpose whipping up anti-white sentiment over Grenfell incident

Common Purpose are on the ground screaming and shouting and telling the Blacks that white racists set fire to their tower block in order to embezzle £10 million that went missing during the 2016 refurb of the building.

For the sake of understanding we had a little look into how much that cladding would cost and you can usually double it for the labour. The figure wasn’t anywhere near £10m. Anyway…..

You can see them in the reports, the angry white women and effeminate men, their faces contorted with hate. Hate for ‘racists’.

The area of west London that houses the Grenfell tower is quite wealthy and apparently the few whites that live there had been making attempts to get the tower moved to other ghetto areas to try to preserve the nice environment that they live in. Apparently they have been staging ‘mock evictions’ and marching the blacks up and down the stairs.

The kind of white folks that live in Chelsea are the diversity for ye but not for me type. I support the idea of the refugees being given the area as a camp.


‘Cornbread’ a local ‘elder’ has said the incident was ‘social cleansing.’


Britain First accused by the Independent and HuffPo of baiting victims of the Tower fire, despite video being taken 14 miles away from the tower.

Left wing Momentum linked group ‘Grenfell Action Group’ accused the Tory council of staging ‘mock evictions’ and of a number of different other things.


The Grenfell tower conspiracy. by ‘Mercy.’



We are not saying there is not a conspiracy, just pointing out that you can’t blame whitie before the facts become apparent.





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