Weepy gender equality goon

A weepy gender equality goon and ANTIFA who has recently been promoted to Bristol’s far left University gives a talk on Stormont being a ‘cold house for women.’

‘A critical mass of elected women’ 

Dr Neil Andrews presents his lefty conspiracy on our democracy, then scurries away to the Rockefeller and Rothschild funded climate carbon credit merchants at Bristol Uni to let them know how that can be undermined.

NI politics is full of Women, both the main parties are led by women and have loads of women, if anything too many. This is just a thing to make us look bad to outsiders who are unaware of the reality.

As our regular readers know we like keeping an eye on our lefty counterparts who are selling out overseas.


We are always watching what you are doing, we know your angles and we went to school with you.


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