Grainne McKinney is a feminist: surprise surprise

The ‘girl’ who broke the ‘raincoat racist’ city hall story has been building up a rep around town as a radical feminist.

You can see her Youtube playlist, its all gangsta rap. That says a lot about her. You scratch the surface and these lunatics are brainwashed with propaganda.


The BBC and other leftist outlets have been pushing her as a kind of young aspiring journalist. As you can see from this video she is an indoctrinated radical attending events and promoting 3rd wave individuals and views. Her Twitter is pretty coy, you can see she is a BDS supporter, that’s usually a sign.

She is also a LAD promoter constantly sharing their stuff. LAD is a far left ran website.

If you see her ask her if she supports BDS, get it on video. That should put her on the spot.

Below: the gang.


These women inc Grainne are apparently on the fringes of the international group the ‘guerilla girls’ who set up hoaxes etc centering around fake art exhibits. Like the scissoring lesbians in the video above.

This leads on to the likelihood that the city hall scene was likely staged, or at least there was some sort of third party acting on the situation that was not present in the video.

You can actually see the woman is addressing a 3rd party, likely a leftist who has provoked her. The three black girls are sitting on the bench, who is person 5? They are not identified in any MSM article.

We have seen this 1000s of times, you will find the three girl’s parent(s) will be a refugee activist(s) or something, it’s never straight forward. Like the clockboy thing.

A lot of the refugees here in Northern Ireland have been invited over to organised communist events and just never went home.

There was a similar thing in Sunderland where the man was jailed. Usually the courts feel comfortable if there is a good bit of social media uproar just to ignore facts and press on with the hate crime.


Feminazis have been staging fake race hate crimes since the 80s, this site is a great source of info. No doubt one day this ‘raincoat racist’ thing will be explained and included in the website.

Grainne McKinney is writing for the BelTel so there is zero separation between that publication and 3rd wave radical feminism.



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