Queen’s University bottoms out of +200

Queen’s has quit the 200. Queen’s has flopped out of the top 200. Queen’s wasn’t good enough to serve Northern Irish or Pakistani students as a top 200 University.


For all it’s lesbian attacks, black panthers meetings and Muslim radicalisation Queen’s has usually been able to hold it’s own in the top 200 Universities in the world.

By hook or by crook.


RIP Patrick Johnson, wasn’t a bad geezer. Anyway…..

The WASP+M as in white anglo saxon protestant male element has reduced down to like 8% maybe less. Even with that those guys are like Ulster Scots, not really WASP+M. Like but for the lefty data, thats what they are.  That’s with plans for Judena Leslie style denials and increased diversity by 2019.

#vision2020 reducing the WASP+M from 8% to ????


The shitting itself grades. Fake degrees foreigners claiming asylum.


Even the Stockholm University that specialises on getting people ready for huge scale global warming and refugee sex emergencies has beaten Queen’s.


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