Pupils learn what it takes to become a good global citizen

From the Westmorland gazette:

MORE than 100 teachers and pupils from across 14 South Lakeland schools met at The Lakes School for an annual global learning conference.

The aim of the day was to investigate that it would take to become a good global citizen.

Delegates aged between 9-10 took part in a range of practical workshops in subjects such as geography, textiles, drama and science.


In drama pupils were given the opportunity to play asylum seekers fleeing from conflict and persecution in their homeland.

Many of the students felt a sense of injustice in the role play activity as they were led into a situation where prejudice, inequality, fear and intolerance were felt.

By the end of the day the pupils were bursting with ideas and opinions. They shared these in a series of lively presentations that exemplified their passion for being active participants in aspiring to make the world a better place for everyone.

Peter Harrison, head teacher of St Cuthbert’s School in Windermere, said: “Preparing young people for an ever changing world is a crucial element of education. This day has proved how we can all work together to achieve amazing possibilities for our future generations.”

The Nuffield Trust strikes again

The Nuffield Trust named after and linked to a huge private health/social care giant has been sticking it’s nose in again. The Nuffield Trust is essentially a lobbying group that pretends to be a independant Trust.

They pay a number of our Queen’s University educator activists to lobby on their behalf.

Here we have two of our previous articles on the Trust. The one below deals with promoting experimental and unnecessary child healthcare.


This one deals with their using working class kids as guinea pigs in experiments.


The most recent addition to their lobbying activities can be found in this link. They are no doubt angling for more private contracts, they already run the Ulster Clinic.

From the BBC:

‘Unnecessary deaths’ waiting lists warning

Some people in Northern Ireland may die unnecessarily while remaining on a hospital waiting list for treatment, according to the national independent health charity, the Nuffield Trust.

Its chief economist has described Northern Ireland’s hospital waiting list figures as shocking, unnecessary, unacceptable and the worst in the UK.

Meanwhile, the BBC understands that funding specifically targeted at health and waiting lists will feature heavily in the Conservative and DUP deal expected to be announced this week.

The Nuffield Trust is an independent health charity and advises governments not only in the UK but around the world on health economics.

The Health and Social Care Board (HSCB) said it was clear the current model of delivering services is not sustainable “given the continued increased demand”.

“It is unacceptable that any patient has to wait longer than they should for assessment or treatment,” it said in a statement.

‘In pain’

Speaking to the BBC, the Nuffield Trust’s chief economist, Prof John Appleby, asked if anyone actually cared about what is happening.

“There is no doubt that people are suffering,” he said.

“I mean, economists like me talk about productivity and efficiency – what we really mean is not fixing the problem means people suffer.

“They wait too long, they are in pain, they may die on the waiting list when they needn’t have to.

“So yes, the cost of not fixing the political problem, not fixing the management problem and so on, is that people are suffering.”

Northern Ireland’s hospital waiting list figures are the worst in the UK.

‘Really shocked’

Last quarter’s figures revealed that more people are waiting longer on a hospital outpatient appointment in Northern Ireland than ever before.

In fact, in just three months, the figure increased by 6,895.

Also, more than two thirds of patients were waiting longer than nine weeks – despite targets stating that at least 50% of patients should wait no longer than nine weeks.

NI waiting lists – the numbers:

  • 70,000 patients are waiting on surgery, 30,000 in the Belfast health trust alone, according to the latest Department of Health figures
  • 9,600 of these patients have already waited more than a year – 35% are orthopaedics patients
  • 253,093 men and women are awaiting a first outpatient appointment with a consultant
  • That total is 17.6% more than this time last year
  • 53,000 of them have already waited more than a year for a first outpatient appointment

There is growing concern that by the time the Northern Ireland Executive gets back up and running with a local health minister, the lists will have grown further.

According to Prof Appleby, the performance is unnecessary.

“I am really shocked,” he said. “It is totally unacceptable in a health system in Northern Ireland to have the sort of numbers waiting as long as they wait.”

“One in seven of the entire Northern Ireland population are on an outpatient waiting list. That’s compared to England where it is one in 14.

“The fact that over 50,000 people are waiting over a year for an outpatient [appointment] again is very shocking.

“None of the waiting list targets are being met at the moment.”

The HSCB said it welcomed the former health minister Michelle O’Neill’s Elective Care Plan published in February.

“The plan sets out a commitment to reduce the backlog of patients waiting for elective care, subject to the availability of funding, while continuing the longer term process to transform secondary, primary and community care services to meet current and future demand,” it said in a statement.

“The HSCB looks forward to working with the Department of Health, trusts and primary care in the future implementation of the plan.”

Meanwhile, the BBC understands that an expected Conservative-DUP deal for Northern Ireland will target a substantial amount of money at the health service.

In both the DUP’s and Sinn Féin’s 2016 local election manifestos, £1bn was pledged towards health.

So, the figure from Downing Street could be somewhere in that region and would be a considerable investment, particularly if aimed at tackling the hospital waiting lists.

A source told the BBC that health and education have featured predominantly during negotiations, and that tackling waiting lists and school budgets would be seen as a massive plus for the DUP.

There is a possibility that the money – for instance the £1bn towards health and education – would not be conditional on how negotiations at Stormont play out.


While any cash injection – if it happens – will be welcomed, Northern Ireland’s health service does not have the hospital space or staffing to deal with the issue in the short term.

However, sourcing some work to the independent sector could be a solution.

Senior managers will argue that while a one-off lump sum will work – what they need is longer-term recurrent funding in order to transform the service.

It remains unclear how a cash injection would shake down, particularly as using the Barnett formula – used to distribute UK wealth across Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales – is unlikely, since Scotland and Wales would also have to have an equal spend.

Prof Appleby is among the many people who have carried out reviews of Northern Ireland’s health service.

His first review was in 2005, followed by another in 2011.

He says he finds it massively frustrating that more reviews followed and very little has changed. He also believe additional cash is not necessarily the answer.

“Looking at the performance, it’s hard not to come to the conclusion do the politicians really care?

“They’ve had numerous reports, all of which like mine have pointed out the same problems, the same poor performance and productivity.

“There needs to be leadership from the top on this.”




Karen Handel smashes Jon Ossoff.

Karen Handel, who God bless her is pretty gaff prone has smashed the well funded Jewish Democrat and Soros candidate Jon Ossoff in a race that President Trump deemed ‘Hollywood Vs Georgia.’

In the video below Karen says she doesn’t support a ‘liveable wage,’ quite an extraordinary gaff even by US standards.

Jon Ossoff seems upwardly mobile and trendy, with his pretty fiancee his campaign might have won a few years ago but not now. The Democrats are on their ass at the minute.


Below you can watch her victory speech.




Police dancing with Pakistani Cricket fans

The Police as usual are coddling the Pakistanis. Pakistan should be banned from playing any sport in this country until their men stop raping our kids en-masse.

With the toll nearing the million mark of rapes that we know of this sort of thing stokes anger with whites and will if allowed to go on end up creating  civil war conditions.

It has been proven before coddling Pakistanis only emboldens them for more brutal rapes/attacks. It is just not a sustainable way to deal with the problems.

Googles’Police dance with England football fans’ and you are assaulted with hundreds of ‘hooliganism’ articles from left wing and cuckservative newspapers.


This is comparable to them putting up the Pakistani flag in Rochdale where thousands of young white girls were systematically raped and tortured by Pakistanis.



Head teacher forced to resign after husband masturbates in the garden

A weird turn of events has come about at Foxhole Academy in Cornwall. The head teacher has been forced to resign because her husband was dressing up in women’s clothes and wanking in the garden.

It’s weird, like the drugs thing. They encourage kids to take drugs and then nail them later like it’s unacceptable.


Apparently her office was also messy.

So having a messy office and a wankey husband is now grounds for losing your job.

Your responsible if your spouse responds positively to MTV propaganda.