Open Your Eyes To Hate attacks the “far right”

The far right, as in anyone who doesn’t want the UK to descend into some sort of roadwarrior/Caliphate situation has come under attack from a new Government sponsored “anti hate” outfit.

All that can really be said about this is that this is victim blaming. Pretty desperate stuff. Nothing we haven’t seen before.

The Left’s powder is wet. This stuff is getting so old now, this argument would have been passable maybe after 7/7.

The problem with this argument now is that this terror thing is permanent, the grooming thing is permanent. People know it. So it’s not like we are just sort of having to go through a wee bit of terror to get to the juicy multiculti tendies.

There are no tendies, the grooming terror thing is the tendies and it’s bitter and tastes like shit. These tendies taste like some poor old dear died in bed and left them in the sink the night before to thaw but never got to eat them.

This is the way it is now and it’s due to get worse.


“Like a hungry hyena circling their prey, the far right can hardly wait to further their agenda using terror attacks like the one in Manchester this week.

We all know that following any terror attack, far-right groups and figures – like Katie Hopkins, Tommy Robinson and Britain First – jump at the opportunity to have a go at all Muslims.

After the Westminster attack, Robinson couldn’t wait to get to the scene of the crime to try and put himself centre stage. Following the recent Manchester attack, Hopkins was craving attention so much that she tweeted a reference to the Holocaust in response. Britain First  saw the atrocity as an opportunity to recruit members online and claim that Muslims should be deported.

All this, even though we all know that terrorists are just a handful of lunatics who have attached themselves to Islam. These people may believe the agenda they push, but their views don’t do anything to stop terrorism.

The heightened emotion sparked by a terror attack is like oxygen to far-right groups. Why? Because they know that when people are quite rightly upset and shocked (which hearing about the murder of children and the grief of families will do) their ability to think of a rational solution decreases. They are more susceptible to angry voices giving them someone to blame and point the finger at, and the far-right will exploit that.

They want people to adopt their cause despite the fact that they just outline problems without offering solutions. Banning Islam, deporting Muslims, bringing back the death sentence, going to mosques to harass worshippers and calling it a ‘Christian patrol’ – these are all things that will not make anyone safer and will only serve to make terrorists stronger.

Because in reality, the far right have a symbiotic relationship with Islamist extremism. Groups like ISIS desperately need the far-right. It’s not rocket science: ISIS want to desperately divide and undermine society, and they want hateful reactions from the far-right to help reinforce that process. They want to say to Muslims: ‘You will never be accepted in England – look at all the hate you have to put up with. Join us.’

Plus, the far right is financially profiting from this division. Every viral video, every extra like on their page, every bit of traffic on a blog – it’s all turned into advertising revenue. That’s not even mentioning their fundraising events and membership fees.

Until we stop allowing the far right to fuel division and hatred, and line their own pockets, we will only see the situation get worse. Every small victory of rhetoric for the far right is a huge win for terrorists. Unless, and we’ve witnessed a masterclass in this following the Manchester attack, we refuse to allow it. How? By sticking together, helping each other and sending out one big message that the terrorists despise: Whatever you try, you will never divide us or undermine our society. That way, they can never win.



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