The huge culture shift has come, unbeknownst to many boomers and even most of genX.

The left is in full retreat and the only enemy left standing is the dark force of finance that is pressing on the nape of the neck of our Conservatives here in Britain and cuckservative types the world over.

The question for us is what now, we have been playing the trumpets for three years plus now and we have knocked the soldiers off the battlements and ominous rumblings have been heard but yet the Globalist hulk still stands.

Trumps Saudi weapons deals and talks of a more secure ‘World Order’ bode badly.

Millennials have been in trenches now since 2008 and the bite is really on.

We are the generation of no pensions, endless terror and electronic tyranny in the age of the machine.

We can beat this Malaise but it will take an incredible effort.


I cast my mind to reading about the Polish Scouts that established underground Universities to complete their degrees during the occupation periods.

We have done this before. We will do it again.






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