The Bristol Post slander Kevin Crehan

The Bristol Post have released an article saying that there is ‘suicide speculation’ over Kevin Crehan’s death in prison.

This is pretty much slander. Presenting one side of a story and ruling out maltreatment.

This is with no proof at all one way or the other.

The sick thing is that for people that knew Kevin, his prison photos were nothing short of disturbing.


People close to Kevin say that he was likely given sedatives that caused him to bloat up, you can even see an unusual dilation in his eyes.

This case needs attention.

It looks like they killed him in there.

Kevin was a member of the EDL and after a Somali rape gang had targeted hundreds of girls in his town, even using a city center hotel to pimp out white girls, Kevin hung a bit of bacon on a Mosque door handle.

He got a year in Prison.

Well, he got the death sentence.

The details on the rape gang.

His girlfriend at the time was also imprisoned and has been threatened that she will be going back to jail if she engages in more activism. In so many words she is gagged.

Let’s not let this slip under the radar, this could be you or your family if your kid gets raped.

The lady who wrote the slanderous Bristol Post article is ‘very ambitious’ and want’s to ‘reach the top of the journalism profession.’

She also worked for the BBC. She even worked for ‘spotlight.’


It sickens me, the fake journalism profession and the lack of humanity these people have. Read the article. Based on nothing. Sickening.


Her Twitter. she is very liberal……..

Her with her ex boy Bartie. She can’t have always hated ‘chavs.’


Esme is interested in Prison garb, she wants to talk to these ladies, but not to Kevin’s widow.


Yeah fam 2017 mannn coool.



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