is a fake site to end all fake sites. I don’t know if it is actually CIA or whatever but it really seems to be.

It is a US California registered site. It really looks like a fake CIA disinfo site. Built to discredit real blogs etc. Although, it could just be some random guy doing it.

Another thing to bare in mind is that other similar sites are being sued and stuff and this one isn’t. Weird.

Looks like more than one guy though.

This site is cancer.

Ok lets dig into it.

They released this headline. That was fake news connecting pedo arrests to #pizzagate. That had nothing at all to do with #pizzagate.

I don’t think #pizzagate had much merit at all.



Then there is a shooter shows up at the #pizzagate restaurant.

Ahah ok,

Something they posted recently.


Ok so this one is to do with the election here, they seem to focus on ‘democratic’ elections. Yeah whats democracy when they bring 500,000 Muslims in every year? haha.

Fair point, but they use this stuff to influence our elected officials, our deep state guys will be going to our MPs, ‘here look at this. ‘

Then they gonna fucking Kevin Crehan your ass.

The above article is about the Conservative funds registration mistake, that could bring a fine or something.

So….. the next one is them saying that Clement Freud, a Jewish MP abducted Madeleine McCann. I dunno but I guess this is anti-semitic.


Ok then there was the Prince Charles one…..


Ok well, you get the point, looks like a ‘real fake news site.’ lol


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