Scouts has been totally hijacked and turned into an ANTIFA brainwashing outfit. Very few people send their kids anymore because of the rampant pedophilia. This is yet another reason to abandon the Scouts.


Above a still from a video of a ‘scout girl confronting a Nazi’

The Czech scout girl was bused in by the Scouts to oppose an anti-Islamisation rally. Its a pretty sick thing to do, to use scouts to counter ‘neo-nazis’ but this is it, the last ditch. The liberals will do it.

The Scouts even put it on their Facebook. How fucked up is that. UAF Scouts or fucking Lenin Scouts.


Scouts in Northern Ireland are likely being primed in the same way.

Below is a video from a Mosque visit. Having been in the Scouts for a time, I can see these guys are likely earning a community badge.


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