The scene below basically says it all. There is a growing community of blacks that realise life is actually a lot worse under the Democrats and their Cultural Marxist proteges that dominate Democratic local administrations.

The types of people are represented below. ‘Liberal’ women and effeminate looking men, who sell out to the corporations.

Conservatives aren’t much better but from the point of view of educated blacks, they want to get away from the kind of policies that have created poverty, imprisonment and alienation. The kind of policies that the Democrats are still wedded to.

The best thing for black families, as it is for anyone is independence, employment, Christianity and strong families. This is what Democrat welfare dependency, mass immigration and Cultural Marxism erodes and they are starting to know that.


The scene below features @blackrebel being attacked during a protest about the removal of monuments in New Orleans by the Democratic city council, that doesn’t feature a single white man.


4 thoughts on “ANTIFA try to rip Confederate patch from Black man’s waist coat.

    1. how do you know its a lie? doesnt matter taking down the monuments is wrong and racist to do but remember its easy to call someone names in print but are you man enough to do it in person and suffer the consequences of your actions or are you the type who goes crying to aclu because your feelings were hurt or some onr stomped your ass


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