Justice 4 Chelsea

Justice 4 Chelsea. A girl who has been raped and beaten by ‘Syrian’ and Iraqi refugees has had justice refused and had her brother jailed for trying to save her.  The Muslim community in Sunderland has also been intimidating and attacking the family.

Six of the eight attackers have been arrested then released on bail.

Chelsea, a mother of three was covered from head to toe in the usual cigarette burns etc and will have to wait 3 months now to see if she has Aids or anything else.


Above a cigarette burn



The details are in this Police hour article.


Tommy Robinson went to Sunderland with his work for Rebel media and we are likely to see a report in the coming days.

We are seeing the usual elements coming together to hush this up. There is a total media blackout, the only thing the local press are reporting is one incident of graffiti that appeared a few days after the rape and kidnapping.

As we know Muslims use graffiti as a rallying point for the media and the ANTIFA and have done it again and again in the past. Immediately after learning about this kind of incident, the boys are sent out to dawb swastikas everywhere for the press to photograph in the morning. Then the whole narrative is about rallying the community against Neo-Nazis etc rather than focusing on the problem at hand.

The ANITFA is also trying to organise protests against the family. The EDL isn’t involved directly so the excuse that they are protesting the EDL isn’t present in this case.

If you have a wordpress, spread word about these occurrences as both Twitter and Facebook are censoring the story.


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