Belfast City Council commit to introducing smart bins

Smart bins that have sonar devices in them that tell the council what materials are in the bin are to be introduced in Belfast.


These sensors are put in bins and mail out an automatic fine if the wrong sort of material is put in the bin. The fines are rumored to be £50 each.

Belfast City Council made the commitment when applying for Rockefeller Foundation funding. So get ready for them coming to a town near you.

smart bins

Above: a slide from the Rockefeller bid that successfully saw BCC get $1 million in funding to kickstart a number of globalist initiatives.

There are a number of issues with this.

  • The Smart censors are not cheap, this is pretty much a globalist monopoly.
  • People could just put stuff in your bin to get you fined.
  • The legality of fining people is very questionable, they are essentially just bringing out evermore expensive fines. Where is the basis in law for this?
  • It forces private citizens to buy products from corporations owned by the globalists.

Glasgow, another Rockefeller foundation controlled city has already trialed these bins and is further up the road toward preparing people to accept these ridiculous fines.

There is an article in the Times, of course it doesn’t mention the fines. They want to bring this in incrementally, saying its just to measure fill levels, then bleed the fines in gradually district by district.

The fines in the slide above are referred to a ‘behavior changing.’




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