In 2016 Belfast was ‘chosen’ (how lucky we are) to take part in the Resilient Cities Program that is run by none other than the Rockefeller foundation and the financial terror organisation the World Bank.

This has ‘won’ Belfast at least initial funding of $1,000,000 for ‘resilience projects’, like smart bins and social manipulation enterprises.


It joins a host of other multicultural or aspiring multicultural ‘global cities’ that are blighted by terrorism caused by the Muslims they brought in.

This is the World Bank’s (owned by the Rockefellers) video for this program. What this ‘investment’ will likely mean is a more entrenched corrupt establishment and debt. That is all these people produce. Slavery and debt.

The money kick starts these programs but we need to pay the banks to keep them going in various ways.


The RCP is sort of like a high end common purpose that deals with or at least pretends to deal with civil crisis. Things like Cyber attacks, Islamic terror, fake global warming etc. As we have seen recently a ‘cyber attack’ can be something as simple as people saying they don’t want to be slaves to Rockefeller’s banks or they will be labeled Russian spys.

The RCP is a noose tightening around our neck. RCP provides funding to essentially bribe local officials into joining with the Global banking cartel and acting in their interest.

With this in place we lose our freedom.

RCP works in a number of ways. It is an incredible tool for the globalists to use the specter of cyber attack or terrorism to control our populations, who are increasingly dependent on their banks.

Belfast City Council have, in my mind foolishly published their slides online, so I will use their own slides to breakdown what is going on.


Ok the slide above is mainly signalling. They are basically saying here they are going to bring in all the political correctness stuff and help the banks privatise public sector jobs. There is one their ANTIFA troops won’t like.


‘New City Leadership’ again very often these titles are names of active multiculturalist programs or just signalling. Community planning is your common purpose planning mainly done through the like of the housing executive where local communities are replaced by mainly third world immigrants.

Smart City refers to essentially committing to use IBM software and globalist bank owned ICT resources to make us dependent on them.


This is signalling that they are going to tax us into having to buy new cars from the globalist banks and flood our country with more Muslims etc.


They are going to let the Globalist monitor everything we do with a smart meter.


Ok… the most significant thing on this slide is the ‘Smart data cube’. It is posted below, essentially it is a tool for operatives of the globalists to work out what is in the best interests of the banks etc. They use fake global warming and other crises to serve as reasons for bringing in these monopolistic and tyrannical changes.

Below: The Belfast Cube

belfast cube

This was gleaned from the BCC’s own document, that is available below.

They even say in this document they want to hold an MTV awards ceremony. Fuck off.


Data governance. This is essentially signalling that they are authoritarian and won’t let us question their fake global warming control hoax or any of their other monopoly building exercises.


The above slide is about DYNAMAT, local businesses are referred to as ‘clients’. This is essentially the council saying they are going to monitor and tax local business power usage. This helps the globalists as their large firms are exempt, this kind of thing has already put 1000s of businesses out of action world wide and helped secure the globalist monopoly.

smart bins

This one is them committing to fine people using Smart bins.

belfast agenda

This one is them saying they are going to collectivise the public sector, reducing local authorities from 26 to 11. This will make for more privatisation and frankly less democratic input. They usually use debt and cost saving as an excuse for something they have committed to for the purpose of serving private interests such as that of the Rockefeller Banks.

The Future cities ‘Catapult’ 

There has been a lot of mention of having people crowd fund the NHS, councils etc. This leaves tax monies to be slurped up by the globalist, who then use them to lobby and bribe for more control.

Essentially what they want to do is use the likes of social media to get people to spend their own money funding these globalist programs. The Rockefellers didn’t get rich from giving their money away. Every time the give money out it is because they expect a massive return.

Look at the Irish News fawning over the Rockefellers in this article, sickening. The Irish News were the only NI Newspaper to report this. None of the fake Protestant papers has touched on the issue. More proof that they are shills and we need a new media outlet.–535029/?ref=sh

This is the lady who ran the bid to join the Rockefeller and World bank program. She is sustainable development manager at Belfast City Council. That is significant in that these programs usually push for specific reforms tailored to whatever the globalist interest is in the area. In Northern Ireland it does seem to revolve around Global warming scamming and social control.

clare mckeown

Smug as a bug.



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