Rotherham: A warning to Northern Ireland

Rotherham has been struggling with Pakistani rape gangs since it emerged in 2013/14 that over 1400 young white girls had been rape pimped over a ten year period in that town alone. Rotherham is a Labour stronghold and has been since 1974 in continuum.

Rotherham has a strong left wing establishment and is a base for the social engineering outfit Common Purpose.

This has made the place a PC nightmare. If you would take a moment to read the UK Column article on Common Purpose’s role in the scandal it will help you better understand the rest of the article.

Essentially Common Purpose networks public servants and then uses the network to pressure individuals in the system, be they Police, Newspapermen, social workers or even just local employers and charity people. They are all reading off the one hymn sheet. So if you are a troubled parent or child you hit the same sullen brick wall no matter who you approach.

The press, the NHS, even local employers know that you are a ‘lunatic’ and not to be dealt with.

It also emerged during the Rotherham scandal that a charity worker who was supposed to be protecting the kids and was commended by an MP and the council for doing the same, was actually pimping them out as well.

The UK Column article

To give you an understanding of the atmosphere in the town, that only has a fairly modest (in terms of numbers) Muslim population you will need to watch these two videos.


And this is a series in depth on the issue.


The problem is that we in Northern Ireland are following down Rotherham’s path with de-industrialization, heroin, a population labelled by the establishment as ‘racist’ and therefor not to be trusted, mass-immigration, apathy and most of all an organised politically correct public sector with Common Purpose at it’s heart.

We in Northern Ireland have already seen people die because of drugs brought in by foreigners, we have already seen Islamic terror in the form of the murder of Moshin Bhatti, we have already seen mickey mouse sentences handed out to foreigners for raping our kids. Let me tell you it will get worse.

The reason it will get worse is that the establishment is bringing in more foreigners, with the promise of more and more. They have so far tolerated the heroin, that many thought would be a huge red line in Northern Ireland. More worrying than that though is just the simple presence of Common Purpose because it heralds the arrival of an establishment that will bend over backwards to impose harmful ‘progressive’ changes on our society and will, in an organised manner go after anyone who speaks out about the rapes or the heroin etc.

Believe me, some day that could be you.



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