Queen’s University Professor David Archard appointed to fake bio-ethics council

David Archard Professor of ‘bio-ethics’ has done the first unethical thing you can do as a Professor of ethics and sold out to a private medical firm.


Archard has joined the Council on Bioethics run by the Nuffield Foundation, a foundation owned by the private Hospital giant that owns over 300 facilities in the UK including one private clinic not too far away from Queen’s University. Nuffield does a lot of great work, although it also has a eugenicsy and globalist element to it.

They lobby the conservatives hard on privatization and promote futuristic medicine that would make people dependent on them. Like real life slurm.  One element of this is promoting women leaving it late to have kids, then offering fertility treatment.

There are also people who try to suppress research on environmental factors that reduce fertility. There is no doubt some governments in the world have used sterilants on their people. India being a proven case of this.

The problem with this kind of thing is that it is academics like Archard that create these moral decrees. Decrees such as ‘the state owns a child’ or ‘abortion and three people babies is ethical.’

Up until recently the last three things were not acceptable and now they are. It’s perfectly obvious how the private hospital system serves to profit from using people like Archard to publish slanted research works.

I had a look into this council on bio-ethics and its all the usual fake lefty shite.

Look at this cartoon, like something from the Umbrella Corporation. These people want to medical test on working class kids.


Why don’t they do this research on their own kids? Why use working class poor people forced into poverty by immigration and corruption?

This Bio-ethics council is very secretive, they have a public facing website that publishes some of the harmless stuff but there is no meaty stuff in there. They said they were due to publish a finding on Chimeras in 2016 but never published the results.

I guess it’s not ethical to tell people what you will be doing to them. These all powerful Gods over man are the only people qualified to make decisions. You and I are just hunks of meat and a danger to ourselves.

So I guess we are going to get Chimeras now. The Kek frog man might be a reality soon.

The website:





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