Christian Picciolini is an ANTIFA that apparently used to be a Neo-Nazi although most people say he wasn’t a big name on that scene.Apparently he had a band in Mommy’s garage and a record shop that failed because of his lack of business acumen. I came across him when I heard that he had been doxxing and turning up at the homes of female alt-right figures including ‘Christian Crusader’ a 17 year old white girl. Who he tortured into renouncing her Christian faith and doxxing her friends.

This girl wasn’t even a Neo-Nazi, she was just against mass Muslim immigration and the rapes etc.

‘Christian Crusader’ had a wee Youtube channel with a handful of videos on the migrant crisis and stuff.

Picciolini is very likely a COINTELPRO agent. Judging by the way he has built up his Neo-Nazi credentials. He went to Dachau and threw a Hitler salute. A trip to Germany for a supposed working class skinhead would be unlikely, considering Pico was only a Nazi until he was 19. He also appeared on the Jerry Springer show. Both very suspicious acts and unlikely to be undertaken by real ‘skinheads.’


Evalion talks about Picciolini in this Youtube video. Evalion is super weird but still, what she is saying is all true.

Picciolini is either working for the Government or pretending to work for the Government. Vox and other left-wing outlets are pushing his methods of harassment and blackmail, that are illegal as acceptable. So it looks like more of this stuff will happen. A warning to Picciolini though, you might show up at the wrong house.

We need some sort of group that can help protect young activists and a way of bringing the law to bare on those ANTIFA who break it. Evalion has all the screenshots of the threats and harassment on this video, yet the Police won’t tell Pico to leave her alone? Very odd.

This is the Vox Picciolini video.


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