The IRA is using a form of explosive called a shaped charge, a specialty of the Irish navy.

Below is actual footage of the device being tested. I remember seeing a video about Irish frogmen using these mines but it is deleted now or I can’t find it. It might be the longer version of this video below.

To be able to construct these effectively you have to have:

Plastic explosives  ✓ (not handed in by the old IRA)

The will  ✓

The know how  ✓

below an IRA recoilless shoulder fired rifle. Using the same technology the Irish Navy use for their mines. Collusion?



This is what the Police are referring to when they mean ‘specific shape’ is that the ‘New’ IRA are turning these old recoilless rifles into stationary Land rover busters.

Something will need to be done about removing these plastic explosives before someone is killed.


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