Queen’s University’s lecturer activists

As with most Universities now Queen’s is totally controlled by the left. Queen’s might be particularly bad though because of the history of links with the IRA.

Today we have Dr Merav Amir who one can only presume is a Palestinian or Arab Israeli who is attached to the University’s School of Natural and Built Environment but is actually from the ‘Senator George J Mitchell Institute for global peace, security and justice.’

The latter was a Democrat Senator and Obamanoid who was at one time was an envoy to the Middle East and was heavily involved in implementing The US plan to destroy ‘Russia’s satellites’  in the area.

dr merav

Merav’s ‘research’ interests are:

“I am a cultural and political geographer with particular interest in critical perspectives on security, processes of border making, geographies of embodiment, critical cultural analysis and feminist and queer theory. My research examined the use of border making technologies in the Israeli control over the occupied Palestinian territory. I also research political activism and the securitization of public spaces. Prior research projects of mine included analysis of modes of embodiment and the political and social implications of the new reproductive technologies.”

‘feminist and queer theory’

Yeah ok so lets unpack that.

The first part refers to likely messing about with our own perceptions on borders. Likely community borders and national borders. This is why it is so critical we get out of the EU and get these people out of our Universities.

The part about ‘geographies of embodiment’ refers to theory that emerged in the 1990s that well, you can read Liza Griffen’s explanation of it from 1997. From the QUB archives.


The thing about this sort of stuff is that it always leads toward more immigration and corporate control, not because the theory points that way but because that is what the elite want. For example They argue for refugees to be brought here because the body of refugee women is at stake where they are. Though the actual result is to bring 80% men here and put our own women at stake while their women languish in the camps.

Noble aims hijacked by globalist elites.

The next part critical cultural analysis and feminist and queer theory.

This is your social justice warrior stuff, your blue hair man eater stuff that is about now.

Again the bulk of it is well intentioned, for better gender performance and the greater happiness of the afflicted. Watch a video on it.

Again though it is being hijacked by people who basically don’t like white men and the family and want to (and have made great inroads to) ruin our lives.

This researcher also seems to be interested in our reproduction system. I never like the idea of foreign people who are into queer theory leading our youth on reproductive education.

In the video above the guy basically says that you can mess about with societies using this theory but that the intention of the application of the theory is not for that.

It’s a bit like giving a monkey a machine gun.

There are a lot of hard nosed Republicans who support these guys but don’t know anything about their aims or the nightmare they want to create.


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