In researching Common Purpose grads you find that they are involved in a lot social engineering. Each grad is involved in leading up a different affirmative action project. I won’t mention the name of the lady involved but she is a feminist and runs a charity that provides cheap (at times less than half the market price) training for women.

This training is high level, level 7, so middle management up to CEO level that leads on to a Masters Degree. That is considering the HNC that is studied for over two years is now level 4. The training is certainly at least £500 cheaper than a man would usually pay and unless a man was sponsored by a company he would have to attend college part time over a year to achieve it. Where this is attendance over 5 Tuesdays.

Theoretically a man could apply because of equality law but the chances of him hearing about it or wanting to go to a course called training for women is pretty slim. This is also funded by the EU.

It gives you an idea how they nudge the people they want into the ‘driving seat’ roles in our society.

level 7

Now this gives you an idea what the ‘change leadership’ is all about.


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