Jim Kirkpatrick left the DUP immediatley after completing Common Purpose leadership training. Was this just a coincidence or is this evidence of CP manipulation in local politics?

Knowing CP well enough by now I would say they are throwing their eggs into the UUP basket and their (UUP’s) recent swing to the left is likely CP influenced. Knowing that the DUP is kind of incorruptable, by CP’s brand of Communism anyway.


The Belfast Telegraph article below is about the 2009 defection, right after Kirkpatrick’s completion of his CP training. (CP training making him eligible for higher appointment.)

Kirkpatrick lost his seat in 2011 to Sinn Fein in an election many believe was thrown.


The CP source.


In 2011 there were more nationalists or fake neutrals than usual who won seats. From wikipedia:

‘Belfast City Council had long been dominated by unionists, mainly the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and Ulster Unionist Party (UUP). However, in May 2011 Irish nationalists (Sinn Féin and the Social Democratic and Labour Party) won more seats than unionists for the first time.[6] The middle-ground Alliance Party held the balance of power on the council.[6] Nationalist councillors wanted the Union Jack taken down permanently, and unionist councillors wanted it to keep flying all year. Alliance put forward a compromise: that it would fly on 18 designated days, in line with UK government policy on the flying of the union flag from UK government buildings, which is followed by many city and local governments in Britain.[6][13][14] At Parliament Buildings (or Stormont), where the Northern Ireland Assembly meets, the Union Jack is only flown on 15 designated days.[15] The nationalist and Alliance councillors voted in favour of this compromise and it was passed.’

These seats were largely lost because the UUP, a party that is known to be full of progressives and CP grads fought the DUP bitterly after 3 defections in the years leading up to 2011.

You can see in the results below how Common Purpose man Kirkpatrick has ensured the election of SF’s O’muilleor. Kirkpatrick had totally hijacked the Election in Balmoral first by defecting and then by standing against the UUP’s Bob Stoker.


It’s safe to say the Politics are the way they are today because the Cameron Government gave the go ahead for progressive measures and has allowed CP to mess around with us big time.



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