Common Purpose, like with its office in Belfast has been implanted in South Africa. Common Purpose is a sort of networking club that draws funding from the public purse by being the ‘only credible and acceptable training organisation dealing with diversity issues’ so in this regard it has a monopoly in ‘diversity.’

In a previous article we showed their links to the Belfast Islamic Center and how they were sifting public money into private hands there.

The PSNI also receives Common Purpose training, it’s likely them that told the PSNI that Catholics are referred to as Spongers. New one on me. Money well spent. likely as some sort of free speech attack on Daily Mail readers. Fuck it they can have them. Sponger is a hate word.


There are lots of people with diversity related qualifications but where any of them are hired instead of the CP guys there is a huge kick up and the left threatens industrial actions.

Below: An old spent Common Purpose witch, willing to sell out her people. ‘Leading beyond authority’ yeah fuck off and go buy yourself a beer you hag.

If you watch the video above the CP witch alludes to the elites stealing the minerals and offers a social solution to what is a corporate looting problem. Essentially trying to blame whites and put more power in the hands of the looters.

Common Purpose was started by a ‘former’ Communist Party GB member and anti-apartheid campaigner Julia Middleton in the heartland of Labour’s north.

Common Purpose went from perhaps working in an environment where there was a need for a bit of anti-racist education morphed into an organisation that during the Blair era was empowered by all the borrowing and bottom of the market Goldman Sachs gold sales and allied with the EU and the likes of George Soros to become a huge top down network of social engineers. Complete with a do what I say or your fired pressure structure that many blame for the Rotherham and Birmingham Pakistani grooming gang fiascos.

Rather than do away with it the Cuckservative Alliance under Camoron put their own man at the helm. A British Army Psych warfare expert. The link below is a must click.

These engineers have been set to work building the New south Africa in behalf of moneyed interest, and just like the ‘new Rotherham’ and the ‘new Bradford’ it is a fucking massacre literally.

Its getting to the point where a good portion of the blacks are like ‘the globalists are looting the minerals and using us as slaves’ and joining up with the whites and coloureds.

The banks are just looting them and they know it. Looters dressed in the fake garb of priests, humanitarians and general do gooders.

Loads of evidence of CP in Northern Ireland for the naysayers. Thousands and thousands given to these destructive communists.

We will be getting the up to date ones soon.




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