Don’t fight Nationalism

Nationalism is a bit like Marijuana, if it was legal and respectable it would bare less dangerous fruits.

In Northern Ireland for example fighting the idea that people have their own opted or born into National allegiance is counter-productive.



People need Nationalism, you need Nationalism to inspire you, to make you feel safe and as a way of giving your culture basis and meaning.

In peace time Nationalism isn’t something that is bad, if you look at the Euros, its a natural construct that helps make the whole thing fun and competitive. The same ethos should be applied to our situation in Northern Ireland.

Rather than try to make people feel ashamed of their past, we should draw the good things out of it and be proud of our separate past and separate future.

Now that’s a fulfilling process as it’s a lot easier than cucking people out and it produces the same or an even more constructive peace.



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