Protestant Churches in Dublin

I know quite a few Christians in the North and they always talk about going to southern Ireland for some meeting or another. I thought the regularity of this was odd presuming there must not be too many Protestant Churches in southern Ireland.

I did some digging and it looks like picture in the South with regard to non-mainstream Catholic Churches is not what one may expect.

Here is a bit of an idea for you. A cursory look reveals at least 60 Churches.



Jehovah Witness Kingdom Halls:

jehovah witness


Baptist church



Church of Ireland:

Church of Ireland

Some of the Churches are old Church of Ireland chapels  and stuff that have managed to hold onto some of their premises from the old days but the reality is a lot of these Churches are totally new.

A good example being Swords Elim, who on their website claim to be part of a network of 550 Churches in Ireland with 500,000 worshipers.


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