On the funding of Irish language education in Northern Ireland.

Firstly before we go anywhere we must be aware that there is already extensive funding for Irish language education and already all Ireland bodies for Irish language regulation.

So the idea that Irish language is being suppressed is frankly ridiculous. Irish language was never suppressed, schools in Ireland have always been able to teach Irish. Padraig Pearse was an Irish teacher for example.


What we have unfortunately is Sinn Fein and the lefty lecturers winding up students by lying to them, telling them that their language is being suppressed.


This demand for an Irish act comes off the back of a huge campaign, somewhat like the campaign that preceded Salmond’s failed Scottish Independance bid. It hasn’t featured much in the press as it is intended to build confidence in the very populace Nationalist youth segment of society whilst keeping the prods somewhat out of the loop.

Along with all this LGBT+ stuff it is a way of mobilising the youth and increasing ‘upheaval and insecurity,’ one of the pillars of IRA army council strategy.

IRA army council strategy like many modern insurgencies is based on Saul Alinsky’s work among others.


The ultimate idea is to dehumanise the enemy and make them seem like uncompromising monsters. That’s why the Streetwise Samba Band etc confronted the flag protesters. To mock them and accuse them of racism. Another method and one that is used is to target individuals and make it so people have to cover their faces and as such look like hoods. The Alan Mebans in the press then get to work demonising you and denouncing your cause as one for ‘knuckle-draggers’.

Its an old strategy, I’m surprised it still works but it does.

In the past as now Irish schools were fermenting places of national fervor and places where conspiracies are/were hatched against the Protestant population. This last drive for a language act being one such conspiracy.

This Irish language act is a power grab and it won’t be the last demand. It is designed to increase the number of Catholics employed by the State.

Anyone who reads the History of Ireland knows that there were times the British Government gave better deals to Catholics to appease them.

Also very often if there was a dispute between a Protestant and a Catholic the Magistrate would favour the Catholic knowing it would prevent a riot. Sinn Fein’s history is made up largely of lies by omission and it is clear many of them don’t have a realistic grab of Irish history at all.


Above: a Hurley for sale in the Sinn Fein book shop. Kind of illustrates how they have hijacked Irish culture for their revolution.

Have you ever seen a picture of an Army man on a football? Odd isn’t it.

antifa hurley

Above: An ANTIFA Hurley

They present these hurls as symbols of violence and then complain when protestants say they see these things as symbols of violence.

This kind of thing inevitably takes away from the sport aspect of it. Although rightly Sinn Fein do come under criticism from Southern Catholics for this kind of appropriation.

Something that I have noticed about the way money is doled out in Northern Ireland  is that money is given to Catholics who then augment it with money from the south and have high-end people to manage it.

The Nationalists have successfully used the Universities, the media and Common Purpose to prevent Protestants involved in high positions from being involved with the likes of the Orange Order and made it seem uncouth. Where their equivalent, these Irish language groups etc are presented in the media as funky and cool.

There is an over arching strategy that simply doesn’t have an modern equivalent in the Unionist community.

There also seems to be an Orange hall attacked every week. There have been scores totally destroyed in recent years. That eats into the effectiveness of funding. Although that is NEVER mentioned in the press in relation to being a ‘thing’ in the debate for more concessions.


Another huge problem is that the media is very much ‘Nationalist’ and you have people like Alan Meban who are acting like a 5th column opening the city gates for the enemy. These people have to be prevented from occupying positions that are meant to be for people representing ordinary Protestants, not Communists like Alan.


There are a whole host of these fake Unionists who are going along with the prevailing winds out of naked ambition and greed. There will be more articles on them in coming days.

Getting back to the Irish Language. Perhaps there would need to be an assessment on how much money they would lose leaving the EU so that those genuinely studying and enjoying Irish don’t lose out.

Something that the Government needs to consider is that some of these Irish schools, as we have seen are places of Marxist indoctrination and we do need to consider the effects we are ultimately going to see and try to protect Protestant kids from the radicalised culture that is encouraged within these establishments.

If they want to radicalise their kids that’s fine, but it doesn’t automatically mean we should expose our kids to their nonsense. I would encourage Catholics who value their culture and don’t want some kind of  moral and economic collapse to support us.

Look at Venezuela now and they had loads of oil. That’s where we are headed.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a University for Protestants and non-Marxist Catholics. It could even have an Irish department, where you actually learn how to speak Irish. Queen’s is fast becoming a Marxist hell hole and a liability to the country as a whole.

Enter the F.A. Hayek University of Belfast.



2 thoughts on “On the funding of Irish language education in Northern Ireland.

  1. The video you state was from Lurgan, is NOT from Lurgan Co. Armagh. Sorta under mines the point you were attempting to make. Here’s a tip for ya, check yer facts and then check them again. Otherwise you might end up believing your own propaganda!😎


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