5 years in Prison for calling someone a name

If you use sectarian language (or are accused) in the Glasgow subway you could be hauled away to prison for 5 years.


I remember not that long ago attending a Scottish league match and a man being hauled out of the toilets and taken away to jail on the report of a Pakistani steward. The man had been singing, although to me the words were illegible, the Pakistani was quite a bit further away and must have picked up a banned tune.

This was probably the case although it might have been a different one. I understand the toilets are the most dangerous place to sing at Ibrox, because that is where the Pakistani stewards hang around waiting to call the Police. The stewards will just point you out to the Police as you get out of the toilet and you are hauled away through a door that is literally 6 feet away into a waiting van.


Talk about a Government at war with its own people or what.

It’s obvious these people use the law as a way to get at people they hate. Why give Pakistanis authority to throw natives in jail for words? A 5 year sentence could wipe out a whole line of Gora, because your wife etc will leave you, or you come out infertile because of stress and the mind bending drugs they give you in there. Or like Kevin Crehan they will just murder you in there. Brings Fez a few years closer to the Caliphate.

Scotland is really authoritarian, the courts are notoriously in with the likes of G4S and are not too fond of pursuing connected pedophiles either #holligrieg. This looks like a G4S money thing too, everyone involved from the grooming gang abetting Police to the G4S investor get big money.

Another thing that is going on is they are going to put some guy in jail for making a joke video of a Nazi dog. Scotland is not too far away from having an American style corporate court/prison industrial complex. Theresa May’s husband works for G4S…So…yeah.


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