Imagine Belfast Feminist talk

Imagine Belfast is a festival that declares ‘prepare for a new tomorrow.’ These things are always worth a watch as they are aimed at ‘civic activists’ and not the general public, so you can get a feel of what they are up to.

A talk on gender equality. (3rd wave feminism)

This sort of stuff has it’s genesis in the 1970s when elites were looking to increase women in the workforce to reduce all round wages and to offset what they believed at the time would be a ‘population time bomb.’ The same elites or their successors are now trying to offset the falling birthrate they created with mass immigration.

Feminism is a tool for the elite and although there are genuine needs to get intelligent women into the right roles, the way the elite go about it doesn’t help anyone but wait for it…. the elite.

We are now left with this mess, women drinking two bottles of wine a night to cope with jobs that are not meant for women and men unable to get a job that corresponds with their calling.

Another issue is that most of the refugees, upwards of 80% are male, so native males must be sidelined to make sure there are enough women employed to match the number of Pakistanis or whatever that come over.


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