London: pretty Polish woman dies in Muslim honour killing

A pretty Polish woman in London has been killed in a typical honour killing by two Pakistani men, one who had dated the woman previously and one who had just recently slept with her.

As we saw with the murder of Laura Wilson, an identical killing, when one Pakistani man catches another sleeping with a girl that he has slept with, the two men are honour bound in their culture to kill the woman.


That is exactly what happened to Laura Wilson and tens of women since. The establishment and the press are covering up the honour side of it and it looks like they might even try to lower the sentence for the two men to manslaughter or say they are crazy to avoid admitting the cultural aspect of it.

Something that kind of pisses me off is the thing where people say these women deserve it because they know the score and take the risk. The reality is though, if they go to one of our schools they probably think they can slut it up and take the piss with Muslims. No one says anything to the contrary, the whole system from Teresa May to Alan from Belfast put out the same false message.

Its our kids who will take the sword to the neck though, not theirs.

We will follow this story.



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