Graffiti hoaxer on the Nolan show

An antifascist graffiti hoaxer and Slugger regular Alan Meban has appeared on the Nolan show described as an ‘independent journalist.’ He was in Lampedusa with a Church group going to help the poor migrants and enhance his ANTIFA credentials.

Meban is part of an ANTIFA gang that roam around trying to prevent ‘Nazis’ from trying to tear down People before Profit posters. A quiet watch indeed. He is also known to do a bit of aggressive fake Loyalist graffiti hoaxing, in many of his blogs the paint is still wet. At least wait a minute or two before you take the picture. Although I guess up to that kind of thing I guess you can’t afford to wait about.

If whatever he is doing is too much for Slugger to go along with he posts it in his own blog ‘Alan in Belfast.’ If you see him out in Belfast lurking about alleyways you know what he is up to.


Not only that but he goes to Common 1 workshops, politically correct Common Purpose operated briefs for aspiring journalists. #ImagineBelfast refers to seminars where great thinkers and industrialists like Alan present their ideas for a Muslim Utopia.

common purpose

we will likely be looking in the future to get people into these meetings to record them; so the public can see what goes on.

Alan also doesn’t like the Orange Order very much and has campaigned for the BBC to no platform the Order.

Quite disturbingly this character seems to have infiltrated a number of Presbyterian institutions. It’s quite disturbing that someone who wants to shut down BBC coverage of the 12th is on the ‘Youth and children’s board of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland.’


If he is in there, there must be other traitors in there supporting him. They can’t hide themselves.

Alan has in the past gone to Orange events and then broadcast videos along with criticism, here is one of his articles on Slugger.

What a weasel.

Anyway……If you are part of a Church group do not give this man any money he is a Communist and an ethno-masochist cuck, steer clear.


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