The secret life of Slugger O’Toole

Mick Fealty, founder and editor of the red Irish propaganda site Slugger O’Toole lives in Wimborne, Dorset in a quaint 19th Century home with a large period extension and a two door garage. Similar homes in the area sold for around £500,000. Far and away from the lifestyle he portrays when he asks people to donate to ‘keep slugger lit.’


Slugger has been presenting one sided debate and frankly slandering British people for years but chooses to live in a quintessentially English country town. I find that a lot with these people, they want diversity and colour revolution but don’t want to actually live that life themselves.

‘Cafes and sunny courtyards’

Wimborne is known for being home to the British Army officer class and has all the pomp of a still British town. Yet Slugger calls the shared future with Protestants in Northern Ireland a ‘long peace.’


Slugger’s blog is a linchpin of the left in Northern Ireland and Mick basically wrote the book on the promotion of left wing minority identity politics as a way to undermine the state and Unionism.

One of the books on sale in his bookshop is a manual on how to shame political opponents called ‘so you have been publicly shamed.’ Slugger has employed many of these tactics on Unionists and was a force behind making the RHI scandal an exclusively DUP thing.

When slugger speaks the 20 somethings at the fake Newsletter and Belfast Marxograph listen and repeat.

Slugger also helped popularise fake news social media sites such as ‘The Ulster Fry’ and ‘Them’uns.’ These sites were put together by Mick’s network and army of trolls to target Unionism and traditional Catholics or ‘green’ as opposed to ‘red’ Irish. There are about ten of these sites or more and they each have a target audience and a message tweaked accordingly.

None of that in Wimborne though, if there are RHI type scandals, eight year old boys in dresses, dissidents or fleg protesters in Wimborne slugger doesn’t write about that.

‘The likely lad at the bar’

A video about Wimbourne so you can get the feel.

Publicly available source:



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