Queen’s to foreignize their student base

By 2020, that’s just three years away. Queen’s University wants to increase it’s non-British or Irish student base from 8% to 20%. This is after being targeted for ‘not being diverse enough.’


That is a whopping change of culture and will have a huge impact on our ‘establishment’ in Belfast that is already out of touch and aloof. Queen’s graduates are almost always given leave to remain indefinatley and set to work managing our lives.

What is chilling is that these foreigner people, as nice as they are, they will be being taught (by the red left) that particularly working class protestants are racists and will be inclined to use their positions over us to cause us severe problems. This is already well under way.

They want to wipe out 12% of the native student population in just three years.



This is just the start though and the ultimate outcome will be that rich Indians and Pakistanis will make up a large proportion of our middle class by 2030. Whilst the rightful inheritors of these roles are overlooked totally and paralyzed by affirmative action.

Don’t believe me look at England, google any English firm and look at the management structure. Indians and Pakistanis.

These diversity targets are also being rolled out to corporate firms in Northern Ireland with firms getting ‘Diversity’ awards if they are willing to overlook the Northern Irish/Irish candidate. This will likely be a key part of the left wing strategy, cause well, no award and your racist.

We are being told all this is just random, these foreigners just show up and we have to look after them or if we didn’t it would be nasty and bad. We have to give them our jobs and our kid’s futures.

Queen’s University received a nomination for it’s vision 2020 plan to wipe out 12% of the native student population. They will raise the required grades for locals, whilst accepting students with high grades from dubious Indian and Pakistani Universities where bribes do the talking.

Another aspect to this is that ‘legal Island’ is an all Ireland Common Purpose front and the person who heads it up was recently invited to the (now Islamic) London School of Economics to do a Tedx talk, always a dubious sign as they no platform anyone even willing to mention the word ‘British’ or I guess now ‘Irish’. Take a look at his blog, racism obsessed and no doubt whatsoever a CP grad.

Lunatic, dangerous man.



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