Where have we seen this before?

As the ‘brave Muslim woman stands up to the EDL’ and the BBC fawns over her, we are wondering where we have seen this before?


The BBC puppeted the fake story that the EDL had ‘360’ surrounded the woman and they are keeping video of the incident from the public. They even have the non-story on the front page of their news site.

The sad thing is that fake news like this covers up the truth that Birmingham Police were actively acting to cover up grooming for Pakistani taxi drivers.

Of course the EDL would be better not wearing the masks etc, I think MI5 got in during the early days and got everyone the sponge masks. Of course no one will take anyone in a sponge England masks seriously. That will buy years for the corrupt authorities.



This isn’t all little Protestant girls, so the ANTIFA have no reason to be jubilant. A lot of these girls are the children of Irish immigrants.

These ‘woman confronts man’ tactics are used the world over. Always with a similar bullshit fake persecution story that is invariable carried on the mainstream media.



South Africa:




More Palestine:


More Palestine:


Black lives matter:


This is something the commis have been doing for 40 years. If any of these women approach you at a protest, say nothing, as the media will try to get some tid bits for a fake story.

I think we should start using women in this way too. We need to get some elderly women who lost folks in the troubles and bus them in to confront these communists in Belfast. We are a bit better than that though.


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