The Pastor McConnell trial that featured everything from international press attention, lefty loonies like George Galloway being shipped over, statements and games from the PSNI, full 24h propaganda from the BBC; seemed like a victory of reason in the end because Pastor McConnell got off.

Galloway had earlier that year refused to speak to Jews but was propped up by the BBC as the God of anti-racism.


Above: they are just tacking racism onto their Irish language protests, they know how effective the racism cry is.

The truth is though it had a chilling effect and it was a warning to others. If you criticise Islam and the left you can expect jail and you will be targeted by everyone from the BBC, the PSNI to the PPS.

This chilling effect has effected only a target population. The protestant population and has emboldened the left, who now think they can bring terror groups to Belfast city centre venues and no one but the ‘far right’ will object.

We’ll see about that.




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