Man brought to tears in interview after attack from terrorist RevFront

Two men who were mistaken for ‘racists’ recount their experience at the hands of the terror group RF who will be visiting a Belfast ANTIFA event to glorify their violence on the 14th and 15th of April.

This is far and away not the kind of thing we want to see promoted in Belfast. We express our shock at the authorities allowing this to go ahead. This source contains actual self filmed footage of RF in action.

Belfast ANTIFA say “Belfast ANTIFA is a broad collective of left-wing activists dedicated to pro-actively confronting fascism/racism, both physically & politically.”

So they look like a group on the cusp of violence and say they are willing to get physical. The last thing we need is this group teaching them methods.

There is footage of RF throughout but the interview is in English is from 47.00:

By the way the fake Newsletter has kept this from the public.


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