Irish News paranoid and out of touch.

The Irish News has released a piece from a ‘source’ within RBAI that has said the school is not dealing with sectarian graffiti. Knowing as I do that RBAI is a super PC school full of lefties I knew right away this was a dog whistle hoax.


These days, specially in the modern multicultural Belfast internet culture has grasped the youf. Maybe in the Irish News’ old stuffy Belfast KAT means ‘Kill All Taigs’ but today it means ‘the coolest kid to walk the earth, a sexy nerd. Guys fall head over heels for her. She loves guys with all her heart. She loves to dance and eat chocolate.’


Failing that Polish girls called Katrina shorten their named to KAT. I know at least three who do that personally who live in Northern Ireland.

Time for the Irish fake news to get hip and stop the anti-protestant fake news. You have been doing it for ages now people know what it is.

The old fashioned backward Irish News piece.


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