Gender Jam in Belfast

A Gender Jam, run by the charity SAIL has popped up in Belfast.

chest binders

Gender Jam is an aggressive organisation that attracts people who are isolated and indoctrinates them into this new non-binary, 96 genders stuff.

They give out chest binds and have events where they go about and fill peoples heads with this third wave clap trap.


I do feel for trans people, like any mental illness it can be hard and there is no doubt need for support. This ‘Gender Jam’ is about proselytizing though. There is no doubt people get mentally effected by just getting indoctrinated into this weird sub-culture.

Kids watch videos like this and just end up with their heads lit.

This is the list of the genders that they have made up so far. If you upset anyone by using the wrong gender you could face being prosecuted.





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